Translation of fabrication in Spanish:


invención, n.

Pronunciation /fabrɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n//ˌfæbrəˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    (lie, invention)
    invención feminine
    mentira feminine
    this story is (a) complete fabrication esto es pura mentira
    • Rural applications could include fabrication or repair of farm animal enclosures.
    • A field-effect transistor and a method for its fabrication is described.
    • Anwar accused the government of a conspiracy to damage him and said that the accusation was a complete fabrication.
    • The image below shows that technology is not about machines, complex techniques or the fabrication of commodities.
    • They can also be made directly into structural shapes during fabrication.
    • Berkeley's innovation extended to the craft of costume fabrication.
    • But the defendant insisted that the accusations made against him were complete fabrication.
    • Gates are powder-coated after fabrication to withstand the rigors of use while looking attractive for many years.
    • The fabrication of thin metallic wires, or nanowires, is a critical technology for communications technology.
    • He works with forged and welded steel, cast bronze and steel fabrication.
    • The subcontract also includes fabrication of the 90 vacuum vessel ports that will provide plasma heating and diagnostic access.
    • How much of Wilberforce's recent life is the fabrication of a disintegrating mind?
    • I didn't know Kathy when she was underage, and what she told me about her life as a teenager could be a complete fabrication.
    • For example, politicians lie all the time about their motives - but there's a difference between rhetoric and material fabrication.
    • In 1943, The Alloy Engineering Co. was founded to supply alloy fabrications for high-temperature industrial applications.
    • The very rationale of the exclusion at common law of a confession by a third party is the risk of fabrication.
    • He models load-bearing shells and uses those models to facilitate the shells ' fabrication.
    • The rear mudguard will require some minor fabrication in the form of new mounts.
    • His short life offers an intriguing and direct commentary on the very questions raised by Motion's fabrication.
    • It's absolute fabrication.
    • New types of fabrication permitted the creation of sturdy, oversized, non-symmetrical, and fluid furniture.
    • Needless to say this evidence was used to refute the view that the gospel narratives are irresponsible fabrications.
    • This has kept design and fabrication simple.
    • Often, the production of an appropriate null corrector plate can be as difficult as the fabrication of the actual optic.
    • "Technical fabrications that enhance comfort are especially popular in the golf market," she notes.
    • The story, it was later revealed, was a fabrication.
    • Yet what if you believe, to a moral certainty, that the confession is a fabrication and the defendant didn't do it?
    • Fabrication of nanopowders is a nontrivial task.
    • "These rumours are mere fabrication," a spokesman confirmed.
    • They were exposed as undeniable fabrications.
    • Hammerheads are 45-m-long box fabrications made integrally with V-shaped supports of similar proportions bearing on the piers.
    • Fabrication includes all factory based activities involved in the manufacture of the wall.
    • I repeatedly said also that I did not accuse the Government of fabrication, but of exaggeration.
    • Simply asking about it seemed tantamount to an accusation of fabrication.
    • Are all the doom and gloom predictions just a fabrication of the media or has the world indeed changed?
    • They are basically compilations of recipes and instructions for the various stages of the fabrication of images in several media.
    • Few people know this because it is a complete fabrication.
    • This is part of the offensive fabrication.
    • Is everything in the world a fabrication or conspiracy to these people?
    • When one is free from all fabrications or elaborations of thought, free from all fabrications of the mind, this is the process of fine analysis.
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    fabricación feminine