Translation of fact in Spanish:


hecho, n.

Pronunciation /fækt//fakt/


  • 1

    (sth true)
    hecho masculine
    the fact that she didn't mention it el hecho de que no lo mencionara
    • the fact of her coming here shows … el (hecho de) que haya venido demuestra …
    • the fact is that she is a great writer el hecho / lo cierto es que es una gran escritora
    • if it wasn't for the fact that he's my son … si no fuera porque es mi hijo …
    • I know for a fact that … sé a ciencia cierta que …
    • it's a well-known fact todo el mundo lo sabe
    • what are the facts of the case? ¿qué se sabe en concreto sobre el caso?
    • I want hard facts quiero datos concretos
    • the facts about Hollywood are as fascinating as the legends la verdad / realidad de Hollywood es tan fascinante como la leyenda
    • The court decided that no breach of a superior rule of law could be proven on the facts.
    • I would want none of my people ever to make a mistake or ever to get tired or ever miss a fact in a statement.
    • If the facts cannot be so proved, then there is no basis from which to infer a future risk.
    • Kuhn showed that what counts as a fact to a scientist depends on the current paradigm.
    • The good thing about this particular index is that it is based on plain and simple fact.
    • If they are going to bother to print such an amazing fact, they may as well say why it is amazing.
    • So go and see it with your own eyes and discover for yourself if it is an historical fact.
    • Micky is out now and has stayed out for four years, a fact of which he is very proud.
    • The couple beside us were toasting the fact of just being alive on so blissful a night.
    • It is also a fact that there are many things far worse for your health than smokers.
    • However young you may feel, it is a sad fact that people do slow down as they get older.
    • It is a fact that most of those who are on the street have an addiction to drugs or alcohol.
    • It is a sad fact that when a litter of pigs is born, it is quite normal to have one or two born dead.
    • That does tend to be the case but it is merely a trend, not an incontrovertible fact.
    • Those sort of facts and statistics are true in so many instances of cancer now.
    • That does not have to be a law of human nature for my argument, just a fact about most of us.
    • Every day another item stated as fact turns out to be based on foundations of sand.
    • When you took out a book you entered the fact in an exercise book and signed for it.
    • It is a fact that the single most devastating killer of small birds is the domestic cat.
    • A couple of days later, the true facts, or at least a version of them, began to emerge.
  • 2

    • 2.1(truth, reality)

      this novel is based on fact esta novela está basada en hechos reales
      • fact or fiction? ¿realidad o ficción?
      • in fact de hecho
      • she wasn't pleased; in fact she was extremely angry no le hizo mucha gracia; de hecho / en realidad se puso furiosa

    • 2.2(criminal event)

      before/after the fact antes/después de los hechos
      • The Ombudsman is the sole judge of fact and he can only be corrected on errors of law.
      • We would then have an opportunity for questions on a point of fact or a clarification.
      • That is in my judgment so even if it can later be shown that the arbitrator made an error of fact or law.
      • To make an error of fact or law in the course of arriving at a decision is not even misconduct.
      • If the comment amounts to a statement of fact then it must be proved to be true or privileged.