Translation of faction in Spanish:


facción, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfækʃ(ə)n//ˈfakʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    facción feminine
    warring factions facciones antagónicas
    • Close friendships between boarders and day boys was rare; both factions preferred their own.
    • Pedro used these powers when he could not compel political factions or parties to do his bidding.
    • The two also have not reached an agreement as to how to deal with the other armed factions.
    • Not the least of the current president's successes has been to keep the diverse factions of his party united.
    • The idea of a competition for power among political factions was regarded with distaste.
    • The country suffered as various factions within the ruling elite lobbied for power.
    • The candidates of the various factions of this one party system rely on vast sums of money to prevail.
    • Diplomacy, as you would expect from an executive answering to two family factions, is a Kiely strong suit.
    • His father was able to control the various cliques and factions through nepotism and bribes.
    • These days the factions hate one other, for the most part, simply because they have always hated one another.
    • Keeping the warring factions behaving in a civilised fashion can be a very difficult job.
    • The House factions must work together to find at least a win-win solution to the deadlock.
    • Suffice it to say that I come from a large family, in which three different political factions existed.
    • The worrying thing is that it's other factions within that same team who are doing the whispering.
    • At the site, battle soon erupted between three different rival factions.
    • Violence and intimidation were almost daily occurrences as the various factions vied for territory.
    • In my office, there are two warring factions maintaining an uneasy truce.
    • With him gone, the factions are all fighting to gain the upper hand in a well and truly divided Cabinet.
    • Most, if not all, of the contentious points have been resolved by the factions in the House.
    • Since then, factions of moderates and hardliners have battled within the movement.
  • 2formal

    discusión feminine
    • Forgetfulness breeds ingratitude; ingratitude breeds faction; and faction leads to civil war.
    • What leads us into faction is passion, which is the ability of feeling to overwhelm thought, and interest, which is the ability of need and desire to overwhelm thought.
    • The most interesting features of federalist thought have to do with the suppression of faction.
    • Do you feel that whole idea of faction within the Union movement is breaking down?
    • They should instead realize that faction and division are healthy for democracy and necessary for intellectual growth.