Translation of faint in Spanish:


apenas visible, adj.

Pronunciation: /feɪnt//feɪnt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(barely perceptible)

      (mark/line) apenas visible
      (light/glow/gleam) débil
      (light/gleam/glow) tenue
      (echo/voice/noise) apenas perceptible
      (voice/noise/echo) débil
      (breeze/smell/aroma) ligero
      (breeze/smell/aroma) leve
      • I could still detect the faint smell of bleach.
      • A faint trace of wood smoke wisps through the air.
      • Everywhere they look in the sky, they see a faint glow.
      • I just lay there listening to the faint beat of his heart.
      • Last night on the evening air a faint whiff of garbage floated down the street making the heat even more unbearable.
      • As I get closer, there's a faint gleam behind the stained-glass windows of the 13th-century abbey.
      • I strained my ears and was about to give up when the faint sound of a rumbling engine became perceptible.
      • On a small, precarious headland the faint traces of a monastic cell can be seen.
      • As they got closer Zoe could see faint outlines of buildings.
      • The sound was so faint untrained ears could have barely heard it.
      • I lie there listening for a few minutes and, just as I'm at the point of giving up and going back to sleep I hear it again - a faint noise, barely audible at all.
      • Bat calls have to be incredibly loud so that the faint echoes can to be detected.
      • He had short black hair and a very faint black moustache, a London accent and a thin build.
      • Richard stayed silent, nothing stirred and he could hear his heart beating nervously and the faint crackle of the flames.
      • l've been listening to the faint hum of London traffic and the random bangs and crackles of fireworks in nearby parks and gardens.
      • Even now, years later, with a little help from my imagination I can open up that suitcase and still smell their faint aroma.
      • All of the marks on the sides are very faint.
      • A faint rustling was heard close to where they were.
      • There was just a faint scent of lavender and mothballs about her.
      • The only sound is the faint whisper of the air-conditioning.

    • 1.2(slight)

      (hope/suspicion/smile) ligero
      (hope/suspicion/smile) leve
      (recollection) vago
      (resemblance) vago
      (resemblance) ligero
      what's going on? — I haven't the faintest (idea) ¿qué pasa? — no tengo ni (la menor / la más mínima / la más remota) idea
      • I saw a faint glimmer of hope; a chance to derail the topic.
      • United desperately need to win at the Riverside Stadium to maintain their faint hopes of clawing their way back into the title race.
      • It was all going nowhere and we were clinging to the faint hope that Kildare might muster something.
      • Volunteers' title hopes took a blow when they lost 4-3 at home to Hounds, who still harbour faint hopes of the championship.
      • Is there a touch of faint hope in Mr Ward's comment that the bank was considering appealing?
      • With a minute to go, Henry pulled his fifth and final foul and left the court, taking with him Kingston's faint hope of winning the game.
      • Only rain could have rescued the home side and a light cloud cover may have raised faint hopes of a miracle but it was all over after India had bowled just 12 balls.
      • Today's results extinguished their faint hopes that they could prise back control of the Senate.
      • In short, the whole point of the pub is that you go to relax and talk to people in the faint hope that when you emerge, your mind feels unburdened.
      • So on Saturday I went to the Bayshore Winners with the faint hope they would carry the same merchandise.
      • All the while he is in faint hope he can make it home to his beloved.
      • His tenure closed with a win at Hampden, but it was a hollow victory as faint hopes of qualification for the next World Cup were extinguished.
      • And there's a touch of faint hope in Mr Ward's comment that the bank was considering appealing.
      • Reports last week suggested that there is now a faint hope of an end to these absurdities.
      • Yes, on one hand he's accepting perhaps the reality, but also on the other hand, he's still trying to see if there is a faint hope he can hang on in there.
      • I am therefore in the weeks ahead going to be putting up my old academic papers on Blogspot in the faint hope of introducing them to a wider audience.
      • He eked out his drinking water until Tuesday morning, waiting in the faint hope of being found.
      • There remains a faint hope that he has been released and is attempting to make his way through the jungle.
      • Well, with 13 million creatures who have yet to be named is there a faint chance that you might run out of possible names?
      • I always have this faint hope that I might stumble across some great find at the flea market.

  • 2

    he was faint with hunger estaba desfallecido de hambre
    • I feel faint estoy mareado
    • They received the faint answer of ‘yes’ and their fears were assuaged; if only for a moment.
    • Hundreds of mourners gather daily, shedding torrents of tears and managing a few faint smiles as they remember their loved ones.
    • The acquisition of Edmark was greeted with faint enthusiasm when it was first announced.
    • Ask about the income from playing the instrument, he will give you a faint smile as reply.
    • If that seems like faint praise… well, it is.
    • I made the obvious joke about him looking forward to progressing to the next stage and consuming solids, which got me a faint smile from Quentin.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    I nearly fainted! por poco me desmayo


  • 1

    desmayo masculine
    she collapsed in a dead faint se desmayó