Translation of fairy godmother in Spanish:

fairy godmother

hada madrina, n.


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    (with masculine article in the singular) hada madrina feminine
    • The last time I checked, puppets do not suddenly come to life and grow a conscience unless a fairy godmother and Jiminy the Cricket are involved.
    • This year's show, which features comedian Billy Pearce, Brookside star Dean Sullivan and Mina Anwar from The Thin Blue Line as the fairy godmother, looks likely to be the Alhambra's most successful pantomime to date.
    • Instead of hoping for a magical result to appear, to be created at the wave of the wand of some magical fairy godmother, start taking responsibility for the choices you make and the consequences of those choices.
    • I think we have seen enough versions of it with a fairy godmother that it was time to see a more realistic version.
    • Throughout the movie, new characters such as the fairy godmother and the ogre-slayer; Puss-in-Boots, are introduced.
    • It was Perrault who brought us the fairy godmother, the pumpkin that turned into a coach and the lizards, mice and rat as footmen, horses and coachman.
    • Cinderella III, planned for 2007, apparently endows the wicked stepmother with the power to turn back time and thwart the fairy godmother's magic.
    • Mairead Clancy, who was selected as the Sligo Rose earlier this year, will be playing the put-upon beauty who finds her true love with the help of her fairy godmother.
    • He compares the story to that of a fairy tale, complete with a princess, a wicked witch, and a fairy godmother.
    • Smiling, I added, ‘Did your fairy godmother come and wave her wand and brought you here in a carriage?’
    • Grimble, once he's given the blessed footwear by his pestilent fairy godmother, has a smooth ride, which means no drama.
    • She left the house as quickly as possible, determined to escape before the clock struck midnight and her fairy godmother turned back into the wicked witch of the west.
    • Thus, we still get to rejoice as our beleaguered heroine triumphs over those who have mistreated her, but now her victory is the more complete because she, not a fairy godmother and a prince, brought about her liberation.
    • No, not even the fairy godmother could save her now.
    • My two sisters-in-law were also in costume - one as the fairy godmother, one as some sort of genuinely creepy creature in black.
    • We sometimes wondered if the men thought the fire wood dropped out of the sky or whether a fairy godmother brought it to our door, for they never asked any questions…
    • There's always a woman somewhere, child; a princess, a witch, a stepmother, a mermaid, a fairy godmother, or one as wicked as she is beautiful, or as beautiful as she is good.
    • An example of the striking contrast between the various Cinderella versions is the character of the fairy godmother.
    • Classical ballet was her first passion, which was replaced by the school choir (she was the fairy godmother in the school version of Beauty and the Beast).