Translation of fake in Spanish:


falsificación, n.

Pronunciation: /feɪk//feɪk/


  • 1

    falsificación feminine
    imitación feminine
    this passport is a fake este pasaporte es falso
    • his limp was a fake su cojera era una farsa
    • the whole story was a complete fake toda la historia era puro cuento
    • The ball was a fake, she claimed, as she had the real one right there next to her in her Dallas home.
    • There are a number of situations that present potential liability for artists, galleries and publishers in the area of fakes, forgeries and stolen art.
    • A gem-collector friend of mine claims he can tell if a diamond is a fake from twenty paces.
    • As he points out, faking often occurs in waves, and when this happens it is easy to mistake the older fakes for the genuine article, or at least view them with greater sympathy.
    • Provenance is also important because there are so many fakes and forgeries in the market, as well as a wealth of items illegally excavated and exported.
    • Turner's claims are not the first concerning possible fakes at the museum.
    • He bought many of Little's pieces to demonstrate how similar to genuine objects fakes could be.
    • If museums and established auction houses can mistake fakes for genuine articles, so can you.
    • In addition, the company also produced a complicated series of innovations to help consumers recognize the difference between fakes and genuine items.
    • Most of us are aware that there are such things as fakes, forgeries, copies and reproductions.
    • The obscenely high price of mahogany woods and precious metals prevented counterfeiters from producing fakes, the profit of such operations being next to nil.
    • Jewelry is also a good buy in India, but again, beware of fakes and frauds.
    • Microsoft promises to acknowledge receipt within two days, and will let the customer know whether the software is genuine or a fake.
    • In addition to finding counterfeits, fakes and forgeries, they also find individuals using artists' names to generate sales.
    • The subject of fakes, forgeries and deceptions is intriguing enough by itself to pique the curiosity of those who have only a passing interest in the world of art and antiques.
    • When they are unemployed, or working for a tiny salary, some resort to producing fakes for organised crime gangs.
    • These documents have proved to be forgeries and accepted as fakes by Washington and the IAEA.
    • All his life, Frank fought neo-Nazi claims that the diary was a fake.
    • Many are fakes, but genuine artefacts are looted or dug up by treasure seekers.
    • Since both works were hoaxes and fakes, we were told that neither work was literature.
  • 2

    (masculine and feminine) farsante
    impostor masculine
    impostora feminine
    • She was immediately labelled a fake, but Lavigne never claimed to be a pop rebel - she was just an ordinary girl from Napanee, Ontario.
    • The more they appear as fakes and liars, the more they will resort to naked political power in pursuit of their goals.
    • Perhaps KB the wise old bird saw through the manipulation and the scheming of the pretenders, fakes, and exploiters, and was determined to keep the wolves away.
    • One other thing I took out of the film was that here was someone shown to some extent to be a fake, he was pretending to be an Indian, and I took a broader lesson.
    • Most of the time, you can spot a fake from a genuine beggar.
    • I am sad when I think of the original Santaji, they must have killed him or kidnapped him or hidden him somewhere and all of these fakes are going around claiming to be him.
    • Many thought that he was a fake, merely claiming to be the prince to gain power.
    • We have to get the cowboys, the fakes, the frauds, the thieves, the incompetent, the irresponsible, and the greedy out of the immigration loop in terms of people wishing to come to this nation.
    • The internet is vastly growing into a pool of professional fakes and scammers.
    • Then the students were asked to estimate how many so-called psychics were really fakes using magician's tricks.
  • 3

    Sport amago masculine US
    Sport finta feminine US
    (in US football) engaño masculine


  • 1

    (document/jewel) falso
    a fake fur coat un abrigo de piel sintética

transitive verb

  • 1

    (forge, contrive)
    (signature/document) falsificar
    (evidence/results) falsear
    (evidence/results) amañar
    the kidnap was faked el secuestro fue una farsa
  • 2US

    fintear Latin America
  • 3

    (injury/enthusiasm/illness) fingir

intransitive verb

  • 1

  • 2

    (in US football)
    hacer un engaño