Translation of falsetto in Spanish:


falsete, n.

Pronunciation /fɒlˈsɛtəʊ//fɔlˈsɛdoʊ//fɔːlˈsɛtəʊ/

nounPlural falsettos

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    falsete masculine
    • I found that when I sang falsetto, I could tune my voice more and control it.
    • In Cyrus's version, his words are backed up in the chorus and briefly in the third verse by two male voices singing in a falsetto.
    • Stout and scruffy, the 36-year-old Daniels looks more suited to a football field than La Fenice, but as a countertenor, the highest male voice in opera, he sings in a falsetto.
    • In contrast, the countertenors of the past sang in full voice, resorting to falsetto only at the high range.
    • There are other songs where I might have written the melody lower but when I tried to sing them and project with any sort of volume, it just didn't work, so I had to go up and octave and sing it in falsetto.


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    en falsete