Translation of famed in Spanish:


célebre, adj.

Pronunciation /feɪmd//feɪmd/


  • 1

    to be famed for sth ser famoso por algo
    • Mr Geller, famed for his spoon-bending, has already signed up pop star Michael Jackson as an honorary director.
    • The bridge is famed for its cantilever structure, a term disliked by the original Victorian engineer Benjamin Baker.
    • Trebah Gardens, Falmouth, Cornwall is famed for its ravine gardens and this is one of the best.
    • Fair Isle, famed for its shipping forecasts, boasts that it is Britain's most remote inhabited island.
    • The Regent Chiang Mai Resort and Spa offers shelter in an area famed for its distinctive culture.
    • Not far away is Rotorua, a tourist spot famed for its steam, geysers, bubbling mud and foul, sulphurous smells.
    • Palakkad, once famed for its ponds and tanks, has now lost most of them and the effect was a severe scarcity of water.
    • And it's even possible to buy an island in the waters of Lake Nicaragua, famed for its freshwater sharks.
    • The place is justly famed for its antipasti and the final limoncello; you might want to skip straight from one to the other.
    • The event featured cuisine, music and folk dances from the land famed for its golden beaches.
    • It is famed for its haute cuisine and was recently named one of the country's top restaurants in The Independent.
    • While students in the 1960s were famed for their radicalism, students of today are labelled as apathetic.
    • As a mathematician Carlyle is famed for his English translation of Legendre's éléments de géométrie.
    • India has a cuisine as diverse as its contrasting climate and the Punjab is famed for its clay ovens and tandoori cooking.
    • Not only were they fitter, but university sides were famed for producing some of the most innovative players of their generation.
    • Our hero finds himself in Royale, a small French town famed for its casino (you can guess its name).
    • This wine comes from Portugal's Douro valley, which is famed for port.
    • Also known as the Jersey Royal, this is a waxy salad potato famed for its distinctive flavour.
    • The actors, famed for using northern dialect to make classics accessible, begins its tour of Henry V next week.
    • As anyone lucky enough to get tickets for one of his regular sell-out shows will know, he is famed for performing until the early hours.