Translation of family in Spanish:


familia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfæm(ə)li//ˈfamɪli//ˈfam(ə)li/

nounPlural families

  • 1

    • 1.1(relatives)

      familia feminine
      (doctor) (before noun) de cabecera
      (Bible) familiar
      (gathering/car/business) familiar
      (fortune/jewels) de la familia
      my son and his family mi hijo y su familia
      • the Smith family la familia Smith
      • they have family in California tienen parientes / familiares / familia en California
      • immediate family parientes cercanos
      • we are a very close family somos una familia muy unida
      • she comes from a good family es de buena familia
      • her family goes back a long way es de una familia muy antigua
      • this is a family affair este es un asunto de familia
      • the family home la casa paterna
      • you can see the family likeness se le ve el aire de familia
      • this is a family show este es un espectáculo para familias
      • If there were no one parent families, average family incomes would be much higher.
      • He encouraged everyone to put pressure on family, relatives and friends to turn out.
      • Michelle and dad Tony brought her home for five treasured days over Christmas so the family could be together.
      • But we have had a lot of encouragement, we have friends and families coming out to support us, and we know we have the backing at home.
      • Many families find themselves in a social trap, unable to get back on their feet to enjoy the concept of living as a family.
      • Money for the project has come from the Parents Association and donations from families together with anonymous benefactors.
      • In single-parent families or families where both parents are at sea, the children are signed over to a guardian.
      • Sincere sympathy is extended to all the families, relatives and friends of the deceased.
      • He emigrated to England at a young age, to work on farms with other members of his family to earn a living.
      • The happy couple tied the knot in the Holy Family Church and this was a very special occasion for the couple and their families.
      • Thank you to all the friends and family for all the support, whether it was food or condolences.
      • But Choi argued how can families have fun together when parents are likely to concentrate on betting.
      • As a result, some families rarely eat dinner together and parents and kids may not be taking the time to stay connected.
      • Al Anon offers understanding, help and support to families and friends of problem drinkers in a confidential manner.
      • Burial took place before a very large gathering of family, relatives and friends.
      • Laura came from quite a good family, both parents still together, a rarity in those parts.
      • What matters most is that their close families and friends fully support their marriages.
      • Ibsen goes even further in The Wild Duck, as it examines a family that is knit together with lies.
      • As the cause of death was read out, friends and family supported each other in their loss.
      • As a result, family camping is big during that time as families vacation together.
      • Ashley went on to say that they are hoping to raise a family together by adopting a baby.
      • Trendsetting Jamie Oliver is already taking steps to get the whole family online and cooking together.
      • Their home was a very happy place, which family, relatives and friends loved to visit.
      • Dad sets the timer on his camera and gets the whole family together for a group photo.
      • Eighty three percent of families are on some sort of benefit.
      • The couple's families were surprised at the union, but Imran and Jemima married in the summer of 1996.
      • Shared parenting and family friendly work practices for both parents might even just keep more families together.
      • Inquiries are still ongoing into the deaths just over a week ago, and the couple's families are still struggling to come to terms with what has happened.
      • The family of the couple packed the court to see Oakley change his plea at the 11 th hour.
      • The good thing about having a big family, all living together, is having the support, and not being lonely.
      • They also wanted to thank the media and friends and family who had supported their struggle to have their son released.
      • But the couple's families may never know what turned Richard Mace into a killer before taking his own life.
      • Groups such as Family Mediation Scotland are attempting to help families stay together, but apart.
      • The couple told their families that they planned to marry, although no definite plans had been made.
      • Hampshire police is also providing support to the families of people who have been affected by the disaster.
      • The recent episode where they all pull together as a family was great.
      • You are asked to encourage as many of your friends and family to donate blood.
      • NEW safety rules which stopped many families from swimming together have been abandoned after protests from parents.
      • Six months on and the case has disappeared from the news, leaving the couple's families to try to rebuild their lives.
      • They must find support from their families and friends to deal with the stress, anger, and fear they experience.

    • 1.2(children)

      hijos masculine
      • The property is not suitable for large families so the target market when trying to sell it is that of the first-time buyers and couples with young families.
      • Several meals out have been lavishly enjoyed by the couple and their family at this stage!
      • Couples desperate to start families come from across the North of England for fertility treatment in Leeds.
      • In the meantime, my college friends have embarked on their careers, marriages and families at home.
      • Every success in the future on this new venture to the couple and their family.
      • Couples with families might see more benefit in suburbs, or dormitory towns.

  • 2

    • 2.1(group of people)

      the family of man la gran familia humana
      • the university family la comunidad universitaria

    • 2.2Biology

      familia feminine
      • In genera of several families, species have been identified that possess no or no fully developed C 4 cycle.
      • In addition, honeyeaters are known to forage on a range of plant families, genera and species at any one time, and do not rely on a single plant species for food.
      • Their studies resulted in a profusion of new families, genera, and species.
      • We measured skull length because it is often taken as a measure of size, particularly within genera or families.
      • Currently, little is known about relationships among families and genera of cavioid rodents.
      • Woodiness in Apiaceae is rare, as woody species are found in only ten of the 400 or so genera in the family.
      • According to Tralau, the order Ginkgoales consists of six families and 19 genera.
      • The families, genera, and species are alphabetically arranged within each group.
      • If one denies paraphyletic taxa, where do genera and families come from?
      • Two families and nine genera are known, although some of these latter are may turn out to be junior synonyms.
      • This group contains four retroposon families representing three genera of culicines.
      • It takes time to learn so many new families, genera, and species.
      • Later, Spencer recognized two new orders and three new suborders for the Paleozoic families.
      • The two species belong to very different taxonomic families.
      • The family consists of four genera, one of which is the Norwalk-like viruses.
      • Most authors agree in assigning a basal position in the family to both genera.
      • The latter two families contain a single genus each that include one and three species, respectively.
      • The common names of these berries are confusing and sometimes overlap with those of berries in other genera or families.
      • The simulated taxa can be seen as analogous to genera or families, the usual focus of diversity studies.
      • Like the campanula family, the geranium genus is very large with the pratenses forming only a small part of the whole.

    • 2.3(set of related items, products)

      familia feminine
      the violin family la familia del violín
      • Luther dramatically succeeded and thereby inaugurated a new family of Protestant readings.
      • The news that GABA receptors constitute a family of proteins was music to drug companies' ears.
      • There is a great need for phylogenetic analysis of virtually all the constituent families.
      • It is one of the youngest and the newest member of the family of constitutions.
      • They constitute a large family that includes both parasitic and free-living varieties.
      • Then the river flow shrank to a trickle, forcing both families of hippos to share the same watering hole.