Translation of famine in Spanish:


hambruna, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfamɪn//ˈfæmən/


  • 1

    hambruna feminine
    (with masculine article in the singular) hambre feminine
    there's a famine of good novels this year hay una verdadera escasez de buenas novelas este año
    • before noun famine relief ayuda para paliar la hambruna
    • Such societies suffer from periodic shortages and high levels of bacterial contamination, resulting in famine, disease and death.
    • In general, beech nuts have been regarded as food for humans in times of famine or scarcity.
    • But there is no doubt that the number of deaths from famine and from the results of malnutrition were at least of the order associated with the great famines of the past.
    • As a result of the war, in addition to drought and famine, more than 750,000 left their country as refugees.
    • The Chipini region in Africa is also been hit by drought and famine and the local committee has appealed for support.
    • Twenty years after images of starving Ethiopian children shocked the world, famine and drought continue to stalk this African nation.
    • An estimated 10 million are facing starvation throughout the southern region of Africa due to famine and drought.
    • There are economists who will tell you that peace and government prevent famine more effectively than food aid does.
    • A poorly thought out redistribution policy could result in famine and disaster similar to what has happened in Zimbabwe.
    • At present half the population, 6.7 million people, are facing food shortages due to famine.
    • Every time there has been a civil war or famine in Africa the result has been a stream of human misery in the hundreds of thousands if not millions.
    • He argues that famine is not caused by lack of food, but by an increased inability of the poor to afford it.
    • It's the government chaos and resulting famine that is responsible for the AIDS crisis.
    • In Southern Africa, flood years have been followed by drought years causing widespread famine and death in the region.
    • For example, warring factions often induce drought and famine through the use of scorched-earth tactics.
    • That nation is suffering famine as a result of civil war and anarchy.
    • Faced with severe drought, lack of food security is creating conditions of famine.
    • This disruption to farming in Zimbabwe, once the breadbasket of Southern Africa, comes as millions of people in the region face famine.
    • In Italy and Greece serious food shortages almost produced famine in 1943-4.
    • In a region noted for drought, famine, climatic extreme and racked by a 30-year civil war, the findings were almost unbelievable.