Translation of fan fiction in Spanish:

fan fiction

fanfiction, n.


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    (masculine or feminine) fanfiction
    • Unless you're the kind of person who spends their weekends writing fan fiction about video game characters this won't matter too much.
    • This is my first original story, I usually write fan fiction.
    • As its name suggests, fan fiction is fiction written by those who are great enthusiasts for a particular writer's work, and have borrowed his or her characters and contexts to write fiction of their own.
    • Sometimes, in fan fiction, I'd write the whole story out before I start posting it.
    • I don't actually have much of an opinion on people using my characters in fan fiction.
    • Textual Poachers gives considerable attention to the fan fiction written about characters and situations originating in television shows.
    • I really like that - it totally encapsulates for me what fan fiction is about - writing the bits we don't see on TV, reading between the lines.
    • As a fledgling writer, I really wouldn't spend too much time worrying that people will write fan fiction with your characters in.

    ficción escrita por un fan de una película, programa de televisión etc., con los personajes que aparecen en los mismos