Translation of fanatical in Spanish:


fanático, adj.

Pronunciation /fəˈnædək(ə)l//fəˈnatɪk(ə)l/


  • 1

    (supporter/believer) fanático
    (devotion/loyalty/belief) ciego
    • Having a fanatical enemy that works for law enforcement can lead to extremely dangerous situations.
    • We bring to our efforts a fanatical obsession with quality and exclusivity.
    • The fundamentalism of fanatical conviction knows no boundaries; rogues do understand each other.
    • Every country in the world I've been to, there are groups of people that are really fanatical about saving the shark.
    • Scrupulous research and a fanatical concern for historical accuracy is a demonstration of Weir's seriousness.
    • Jean Claude is also a lover of animals, and when he does something, he is fanatical about it.
    • I used to be totally fanatical about dates, but then I've slowly gone off those and now I just eat raisins and prunes.
    • The people there are fanatical about what they do, and until that wears off they will be tough to beat.
    • The Irish are fanatical about racing, extremely knowledgeable and are always on the lookout for an equine hero.
    • As a lot of people know already, she's a really obsessed, fanatical football fan.
    • They are rather fanatical about lengthening their own lives and fending off death indefinitely.
    • The LEJ and other fanatical Sunni groups have a history of sectarian violence in Pakistan.
    • The concept of heroism became unthinkable except in relation to fanatical military force.
    • It very much surprised me about the Americans, as they seem to be fanatical about God and Religion.
    • His father was a French émigré, his mother Catherine Welby, a fanatical Protestant sectarian.
    • Prime Minister John Howard describes himself as fanatical about sport.
    • The keen swimmer and fanatical Rovers fan taught thousands of people, young and old, to swim within the 10m teaching pool.
    • The trick, I guess, is not to get too fanatical about getting the accent too accurate because then that becomes a mask.
    • He saw Muslims as a cohesive unit, unflinchingly committed to their religion, even fanatical about it.
    • Many have suffered at the hands of the fanatical few.
    • It is indeed very sad that our country and government tolerates fanatical groups of people that dictate their will upon others.
    • If they weren't fanatical about Christianity, what would they be fanatical about?
    • It's quite worrying that there are people out to kill us, people motivated by fanatical hatred and religious extremism.
    • There's the urbane family man, charming in company and fanatical about sport.
    • In fact, she had become almost fanatical about raising her and taking care of everything.
    • Méchain was fanatical about accuracy and, as we shall soon see, these measurements would cause him anguish for the rest of his life.
    • She followed Lt. Tod's orders with a zeal that the others joked was fanatical.
    • Mothers were fanatical about making sure their homes and family were decent.
    • These books are an indictment of uncompromising, fanatical, and utopian ideology.
    • The vast majority of Hitler's fanatical supporters easily transitioned to life in the free world.
    • Becci is fanatical about football and was the first girl at her primary school to play for the boy's team.
    • But such measures offer no deterrent to a single fanatical suicide attacker.
    • Mr Able usually wore a hat and had long grey hair and was fanatical about music, especially The Beatles.
    • The village folk take the palm leaf books as the store house of precious occult knowledge and guard them with fanatical zeal.
    • Those of you familiar with my column know I'm pretty fanatical about security.
    • It's always amused me that some of the most fanatical anti-tobacco activists are also mad keen on legalising dope.
    • The elimination of all relics of the Hashemites was undertaken with fanatical zeal.
    • I think many Christians in the current climate perceive Islam as a religion of fanatical extremists who commit acts of terrorism.
    • A short man with graying hair and tinted glasses, Ecclestone is fanatical about neatness.
    • The attempt to act in accordance with a system of ideas is invariably denounced as ideological, fanatical, utopian or millenarian.