Translation of Fanny Adams in Spanish:

Fanny Adams

Pronunciation /fanɪˈadəmz/



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    sweet Fanny Adams nada, pero lo que es nada
    • Investing in a defined contribution pension in the stock market is not worth it because the financial industry takes all the upside to pay itself handsomely for doing sweet Fanny Adams.
    • But one word of advice - with a lot of free time and the world your oyster, you often achieve sweet Fanny Adams.
    • Your Auntie or your Granny would be more likely to substitute ‘sweet Fanny Adams’ rather than use the naughty word.
    • To use a quaint British phrase, I know sweet Fanny Adams about the media on the other side of the pond.
    • The fact is, of course, that ‘proper talks’ tend to end up with the union getting sweet Fanny Adams besides a bit more chat about about partnership and training.