Translation of fantasy in Spanish:


fantasía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfæn(t)əsi//ˈfantəzi//ˈfantəsi/


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    • 1.1(unreality)

      fantasía feminine
      before noun fantasy football/baseball fútbol m/béisbol virtual masculine
      • he lives in a fantasy world vive en las nubes
      • I'm not talking about the drama, musical, comedy, or the Western genres, but horror movies, science fiction, fantasy and thrillers.
      • The Matrix, along with much fantasy and science fiction, is part of the undercurrents of our times which are rapidly coming to the surface.
      • It's a funny thing, but despite the fact that science fiction and fantasy are my genre fiction of choice, I never liked Lord of the Rings.
      • But I think my favorite genre is fantasy, with historical fiction at a close second.
      • This is also one reason why I remain so steadfastly resolute about concentrating on fantasy, science fiction and horror film.
      • Still, his books are always packaged either as science fiction or as fantasy, which would seem to imply there's a meaningful distinction between the two.
      • He is also a difficult writer to define, ranging from fantasy to science fiction and essays.
      • Of course some popular genre fiction - fantasy, science fiction, crime - can be of a high calibre as well.
      • From hard-edge science fiction to high-flown fantasy, comic books to film noir, high culture to sub-culture… we sink our teeth into it all!
      • The idea that empire is a Bad Thing suffuses almost all our imaginative worlds too: in the literature of science fiction and fantasy, in popular cinema, in video and computer games.
      • His articles on mythology, folklore, fantasy, and science fiction have appeared in a variety of anthologies and journals.
      • And yet why is it that African Americans are so little a part of genre science fiction and fantasy today?
      • Where did it all start… if I were to pin point any particular instance, it was my fascination with dragons and the genre of science fiction / fantasy.
      • As they do for many adolescents and adults, fantasy and science fiction gave me fables that were spiritual and fables that explored the desire to be spiritual.
      • The immortal, crucified and resurrected fecundity of God pours into and out of every honest work of fantasy and science fiction.
      • Just by way of background: Locus concentrates on science fiction, fantasy and horror, and its web site always includes a generous amount of free info and lots of links to more of the same.
      • I don't particularly care what subject it is, it could be romance, horror, adventure, fantasy etc.
      • He has sold short stories in a range of genres, including romantic comedy, science fiction, fantasy, and horror.
      • That is why there is such a rich future for people of color in science fiction and fantasy, because the genre allows us to speculate on our future whether utopian or dystopian.
      • I find there are too many negative connotations to genre writing, especially to the ever-so-popular science fiction / fantasy.

    • 1.2(daydream)

      sueño masculine
      • Everything else in his mind drowned itself in images and fantasies of the creature before him.
      • But I don't think that the latest set of paranoid fantasies reflect particularly well on him.
      • This is the dark mirror image of Roberts' fantasies about domestic bliss with Sue.
      • It reflects real fantasies, not political needs.
      • From Oprah to Jamie Oliver, in a culture dominated by images of fantasies and impossible ideals, we too frequently think that we should live like the people on TV.
      • This image displayed a fantasy of a superior warrior caste, responsive to the demands of theater.
      • While the setting evoked an escapist fantasy, the conversation dwelt obsessively on the harsh, inescapable realities of the moment.
      • It's one of those unstoppable childhood fantasies, like wishing you could fly, become invisible or eat candy for dinner.
      • Was she so crushed by exile and loss that her plays are wish fulfillment fantasies of revenge and triumph?
      • When we do that, we give ourselves the opportunity to reflect on the fantasies and anxieties that permeate our everyday lives.
      • Imagine the most outrageous fantasy came true and she confessed her love and you two were married.
      • There is a level at which these films are patriarchal wish - fulfilment fantasies, in which our troubles are resolved by a trustworthy father - figure.
      • All day though, she had secretly entertained the idea and conjured up fanciful fantasies about her becoming a stage actress.
      • All such pulls, many of them unconscious, are deployed to disrupt the proper aim of the work that is, for the patient to come to acknowledge and own his own unconscious wishes and fantasies.
      • Instead, he explores his own dreams and fantasies in these often-unsettling images.
      • It is well designed, and provides a forum for the expression of experiences, fantasies, mental states and the like related to sex.
      • Irigaray reads Freud very closely, not in order to better master his teachings, but rather to uncover his own unconscious fantasies and fears of the other sex.
      • Sometimes it is contained in images and unlikely fantasies and sometimes it is contained in behaviour that we recognize as being stupid but unexplained.
      • The stiller and quieter you are, the more they read into you all the fantasies they wish.
      • They reveal unconscious motivating fantasies and wishes about one's identity.

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    literatura fantástica feminine