Translation of far in Spanish:


lejos, adv.

Pronunciation /fɑː//fɑr/

adverbfurther, furthest, farthest, farther

  • 1

    • 1.1(in distance)

      is it far into town? ¿el centro queda lejos?
      • how far can you swim? ¿qué distancia puedes hacer a nado?
      • how far are we from Houston? ¿qué tan lejos estamos de Houston?
      • it's not far to go now ya falta / queda poco
      • we hadn't gone far when it started raining al ratito de salir empezó a llover
      • you won't get far without money sin dinero no llegarás muy lejos
      • I'll race you as far as that tree te juego una carrera hasta ese árbol
      • far away in the distance a lo lejos
      • your name came quite far down the list tu nombre estaba hacia el final de la lista
      • the line of people stretched far into the distance la fila de gente se perdía a lo lejos
      • you could hear the noise from far off se podía oír el ruido desde muy lejos
      • he swam far out to sea se adentró nadando en el mar
      • Far in the distance floated the sonorous and mournful cry of the imam calling the midday prayers.
      • Then he looked out in the distance, far beyond the airfield and the prairie that rushed to meet it.
      • You can see the bus stop across the pavement, the cliffs far in the distance and even into our neighbour's back garden.
      • Those who stand far distant from it might find it easy to pronounce upon her fate.
      • Maura squinted into the sun, looking out to the spreading lands far in the distant.
      • Mist fills the middle ground, and the background mountains appear to be far in the distance.
      • From somewhere to his left, far in the distance, came the yowl of a large, angry cat.
      • The horizon is low, the masts and hulks of the ships making a series of horizontals and verticals receding far into the distance.
      • Your thoughts can take a course of their own and connect two points or places far apart in both distance and time.
      • A blanket of stars was sparkling above them and a crescent moon sat far in the distance.
      • Silver blue mountains far to the east were haloed with deep crimson from the rising sun.
      • The mountains looming far to my right, the West Alps told me we had crossed into France.

    • 1.2(in progress)

      the plans are now quite far advanced los planes están ya muy avanzados
      • the situation has deteriorated so far that … la situación se ha deteriorado hasta tal punto, que …
      • they've taken this stupid rivalry too far han llevado demasiado lejos esta estúpida rivalidad
      • you don't get far these days without languages hoy en día sin idiomas no se llega a ninguna parte
      • that girl will go far esa chica va a llegar lejos
      • £20 doesn't go far these days hoy no se hace nada con 20 libras
      • you were too far gone to notice anything estabas demasiado ido para darte cuenta de nada

    • 1.3(in time)

      Christmas isn't far away / off now ya falta / queda poco para Navidad
      • I can't remember that far back no recuerdo cosas tan lejanas
      • I haven't planned that far ahead no he hecho planes tan a largo plazo
      • how far in advance do you have to book? ¿con cuánta antelación hay que hacer la reserva?
      • we talked far into the night estuvimos hablando hasta altas horas de la noche

    • 1.4(in extent, degree)

      will one packet go far enough to feed six? ¿alcanzará / bastará con un paquete para seis personas?
      • the new legislation doesn't go far enough la nueva legislación no tiene el alcance necesario
      • this has gone far enough! esto ya pasa de castaño oscuro
      • how far would you agree with that statement? ¿hasta qué punto está usted de acuerdo con esa afirmación?
      • it's a working relationship and that's as far as it goes es una relación de trabajo y nada más
      • how far are they prepared to go with their demands? ¿hasta dónde están dispuestos a llegar con sus demandas?
      • she can't be far off 70 debe andar cerca de / alrededor de los 70
      • our estimates weren't too far out no nos equivocamos mucho en los cálculos
      • far removed from the original idea muy alejado de la idea original

  • 2

    (very much)
    far superior/different muy superior/distinto
    • far better/worse/more mucho mejor/peor/más
    • the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages las ventajas superan ampliamente / con mucho las desventajas
    • she far outshines the rest of the class deja al resto de la clase muy atrás
    • you've taken far too much te has servido demasiado

adjectivefurther, furthest, farthest, farther

  • 1

    in the far distance a lo lejos
    • in a far country en un país lejano
    • On a fine day the southern tip of Walney Island can be glimpsed on the horizon along with Piel Castle in the far distance.
    • I don't see the sky, wide and open, or the hills, range on range, fading into the far distance.
    • It was low tide and in the far distance, perhaps a full mile away, lay the distant glint of the sea.
    • The only other signs of human life were a couple of windscreens glinting in the far distance.
    • A pair of conical shapes away in the far distance had me confused before I realised they must be the Paps of Jura.
    • From up here the city of Brisbane is nothing more than a white dot in the far distance.
    • All we could hear were the whisper of water and the roar of a speedboat in the far distance.
    • In the far distance, at the unbroken horizon, the sea melds indistinguishably with the sky.
    • Pimlico to Woodburn has been fairly prosperous so the salt water must be pushing up into the far reaches of the river.
    • When the director was ready, Hamilton waved to the actress, who was now a dot in the far distance, and she began to move.
    • In the far distance, along the humping road, an army truck crawls up the horizon towards us.
    • He glanced out the inch-thick glass set in the ship's hull beside him, into the far reaches of space.
    • Yet here in the far reaches of the European world, such conceptions of love are dragged back into the shadows.
    • Snaefell, the highest hill on the Isle of Man, can just be spotted in the far distance.
    • It was all about the people and their historic journey into the far reaches of space.
    • Out in the country, haze in the distance shrouds the far farmsteads and banks of trees.
    • We found a pretty stream behind the local houses, with golden fields stretching away to the far distance.
  • 2

    (most distant)
    at the far end of the room en el otro extremo de la habitación
    • on the far bank of the river al otro lado / en la otra orilla del río
    • Ayako made her way down towards her desk that was situated towards the far end of the large room.
    • With good British perversity, Sutherland is of course in the far NORTH of Scotland.
    • The silver must have been imported from the far north, Turkey, maybe even Central Asia.
    • With views across the far north of Scotland and beyond to Orkney, the panorama is one of the best from any mountain.
    • The Swift is a common summer visitor everywhere except in the far north and west Scotland.
    • The climate of the far north of Italy may be continental while that of central and southern Italy is Mediterranean.
    • Wayne Finnie's long throw was headed on by Graham Knight finding Cormack unmarked at the far post, who fired home.
  • 3

    she's on the far right of the party está en la extrema derecha del partido
    • she lives in the far north of the country vive bien al norte del país