Translation of farm in Spanish:


granja, n.

Pronunciation /fɑːm//fɑrm/


  • 1

    (large, small)
    granja feminine
    chacra feminine Peru Southern Cone
    hacienda feminine
    cortijo masculine Spain
    rancho masculine Mexico
    estancia feminine River Plate
    fundo masculine Chile
    (machinery/worker/produce) (before noun) agrícola
    a dairy farm un establecimiento de ganado lechero
    • a fish farm una piscifactoría
    • a mink farm un criadero de visones
    • Private cars and visitors, too, must comply if they visit farms in the area.
    • She is one of four children who grew up on their father's farm in the south.
    • Some species of waterfowl adapted to feeding on rice, barley, lettuce, and other crops grown on farms in California.
    • My uncles' farm was one of three farms on a private road.
    • Only 20 percent of the small family farms in the area are left.
    • He says that 200,000-acre factory farms fit his vision of what agriculture should be.
    • The 37-year-old farm labourer has one week left to find a home.
    • Every evening the animals will be taken to a farm on the outskirts of Dublin where they can rest overnight.
    • I have certainly come across studies and examples where badly managed larger scale farms have damaged the environment.
    • The highlight of my summers was going out to my uncle's farm about three miles outside the town.
    • Items sold were mostly local and seasonal, farm produce or locally made artefacts.
    • Your neighbour brings you back a sack of potatoes from his uncle's farm.
    • He put my grandfather's farm up for sale and had an offer on it.
    • Total land in farms, at 46,400 acres, is unchanged from last year.
    • The students of the school were told about the need for preserving farm animals.
    • In 2002 he bought neighbouring farms and his estate is now 2500 acres.
    • The City of Hamburg owns two large organic farms.
    • But the ultimate cost will be the tragic demise of small family farms around the world.
    • Joseph began work as a farm labourer and the family settled into Canterbury life.
    • Long active in the community, he has operated a family farm for 30 years.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    ser agricultor
    ser ganadero

transitive verb

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    (land) cultivar
    (land) labrar
    (land) trabajar
    (cattle) criar