Translation of fart in Spanish:


pedo, n.

Pronunciation /fɑrt//fɑːt/


  • 1vulgar slang

    pedo masculine informal
    • This isn't an old fart complaining that things were better in his youth; it's the result of deliberate policy.
    • Yes, the old fart died, but the point is, he did me a great injustice.
    • As I said earlier my children probably think I'm a boring old fart.
    • Who wants to admit that they've become a boring old fart?
    • Take no action to conceal the sound of your many farts (in fact, it might be better to do this with a number of people).
    • I'm sure all the problems you mentioned will disappear like a fart in the wind.
    • I don't think I'm about to let an old fart like you see anyone.
    • Yes, even a governor or Oscar winner will be asked if they like the smell of their farts.
    • I'll be missing the last couple of hours because I'm an old fart and I need my sleep.
    • Surely my piercings aren't a sign that I'm an old fart?
    • Nature decided to put an abrupt end to our finger-pointing conspiracy theorists' dialogue, when a deafening fart emptied from the anus of someone soundly asleep downstairs.
    • It was a good night, although it did confirm that I have become a boring old fart.
    • But, at risk of sounding like an old fart, in my day the cartoons at least tried to provide some entertainment value of their own.
    • Yes, and I suppose this officially makes me an old fart if I even care about these sorts of things, but if we don't have standards, then what separates us from the savages?
    • Ossie let a big, long, smelly fart in his direction.
    • All of a sudden I let out a massive fart that smelled of filet mignon.
    • My greatest fear was that we would be associated with all these fart jokes.
    • I'm a boring old fart, who values her money, and won't buy him a brand new shirt to chop holes in so he can look like a pirate.
    • He was drawing up his knees, a definite pain cry that would lessen just after a fart and then increase again until the next release of wind.
    • On television, there was some boring old fart in a suit talking about the dangers of credit growth.
    • He's quite the old fart, and look - he managed to avoid drooling when he spoke today!
    • To this end, I let out a loud, long fart.
    • In particular I loved it's absurdity, it's gross attention to detail and it's endless fart gags.
    • And he should find farts funny, too.
    • You consciously clench your anus to ensure that any sneaky sudden farts don't take you and your fellow passengers by surprise.
    • While we waited the elderly man in front of Dawn let out a very loud fart.
    • If I can remember what I learned in junior high school regarding tornadoes, they're some kind of thing which is made up of wind, like a fart but only much more powerful.
    • But you have to be terribly careful because anything that you say that is even mildly critical means you sound like an old fart.
    • I thought that everyone understood that farts are funny.
    • If that's a sign of age, then call me an old fart, just don't say I'm wrong for being so.
    • What about white kidney bean extract, the horrible farts, the newfound energy I experienced?
    • I'm turning into an old fart who only wants to listen to music I already know.
    • He throws in a few fart gags later, plus we get to see him in a sumo thong.
    • Why do we like to smell our own farts, yet are sickened by those of others?
    • Now, I may be an old fart having been a journalist for 36 years, but I have never, ever known a journalist wanting to be on the commercial side of the business.
    • The old fart really doesn't like people, does he?
    • I'm coping with being an old fart remarkably well.
    • When she mentioned the issue of the loans, the response was like when your aged aunt farts at the dinner table.
    • I'm being a boring old fart so I'm in my room getting ready to go to bed.
    • We know also that farts are warm (not hot), so I'll add that: a fart is warm wind emitted from the anus.
  • 2slang

    a boring old fart un pesado de mierda vulgar slang

intransitive verb

vulgar slang

  • 1

    tirarse un pedo informal
    echarse un pedo informal
    pedorrearse informal