Translation of farthest in Spanish:



also furthest

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    they went to the farthest corner of the Earth in search of him fueron a los rincones más apartados de la tierra en su búsqueda
    • the farthest distance I have ever walked is 15 miles lo más que he caminado es 15 millas
    • walk to the farthest tree and wait camina hasta el árbol que está más lejos y espera
    • It was the farthest object from the door except for the sturdy table squeezed between the light teal wall and a dresser or cabinet made of dark wood.
    • I headed for the furthest door down the hall and pounded hard.
    • Sense of place brings us to the fourth and final section, and is both the final and farthest leg of our migration.
    • Commentating is the furthest thing from my thoughts but if I'm ultimately led down that route then I will throw myself into it like I have done with my game.
    • Adam pulled him into the furthest bedroom and shut the door behind them.
    • At the furthest end of the alley he knocked on a steel door and after a few seconds it was opened.
    • The woman pointed to the farthest door on the left.
    • It was sort of plain and lonely looking with blue sheets and a single dresser on the farthest wall from the door.
    • According to the developer, every apartment will have water frontage with the furthest apartment situated 20 metres from the river.
    • He'd sit in the furthest corner from the door and drink it all in, always keeping one eye on his dad.
    • Situated in the farthest corner of the glade was a slight embankment, leading down into a large, crystal clear lake.
    • There was a closet in the farthest corner and a door to a balcony.
    • All four of them were hustled into the back seat of the limo like 4 year olds and sat down on the furthest seat from the door as they could.
    • A very large bedroom, with two beds situated at the farthest corners from each other.
    • I crouched down into the farthest corner from the door, huddling into a ball, making myself as small as possible.
    • I crossed through the dimly-lit smoky atmosphere and sat down at my normal booth in the furthest corner from the door.
    • John maneuvered the two of them around the chairs and to the farthest door on the left.
    • I walked into the washroom and into the furthest stall, shutting the door and locking it behind me.
    • He felt his head roll with his movement, and lowered it between his shoulders a bit before pulling open one of the furthest doors.
    • You see, this is how it went: I did the seance in a hidden room in the farthest part of the house from the front door.