Translation of fascist in Spanish:


fascista, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈfaʃɪst//ˈfæʃəst/


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    (masculine and feminine) fascista
    facho masculine Latin America derogatory informal
    facha feminine Latin America derogatory informal
    (masculine and feminine) facha Spain derogatory informal
    • I assumed it was to stop a fascist, racist dictator from forcing his views on the people of Britain.
    • British trade unions have a proud history of opposing British Nazis, fascists and racists.
    • The people who put forward that argument were fascists and neo-Nazis.
    • The establishment of fascist dictatorships is not a historical inevitability.
    • At the same time I was doing a lot of casework around racist and fascist attacks.


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    facho Latin America derogatory informal
    facha Spain derogatory informal