Translation of fashion in Spanish:


moda, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfæʃən//ˈfaʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(vogue)

      moda feminine
      the latest fashion in hats la última moda en sombreros
      • a leader of fashion un árbitro de la moda
      • Among other popular fashions banned are tank tops (for men), white T-shirts worn as outer garments and midriff-baring shirts.
      • Using color forecasting services and other research, each year colors are updated to reflect the latest fashion trends.
      • Some late twentieth-century trends in interpretation perhaps reflect the fashions of their day.
      • Calling all trendsetters - here's the latest in summer fashion accessories and clothing.
      • I'll take a break from complaining to mention how much I love the fall fashions.
      • Muslim fashion has become more popular than in the past and has become simple yet chic for both men and women.
      • There will also be some men's fashions featured.
      • Invitation designs follow fashion trends so Jo said the shop has to keep up with the latest styles.
      • A special Women's Page appeared in the 1930s where the latest fashion trends in Paris could be found.
      • Western-style clothing fashions swept the country in one generation.
      • New styles and fashions are created and popularised by it.
      • Yet other printed essays and treatises described in detail the latest hair fashions from France and how to achieve them with the assistance of a hairdresser, or friseur.
      • And many of those designs are seeing a return to popularity, along with some of the clothing fashions of the day.
      • I love Japanese street fashion for its amazing ability to throw all conventions out the window.
      • The fashions and sensibilities of popular culture contributed to the idea more than anything, even more than the nightly news.
      • Every other fashion programme concentrates on latest fashions and doing hair and make-overs.
      • A leather wallet is a must-have fashion accessory that every man should own.
      • She's at the age when kids start to become fashion conscious.
      • I keep up with the latest trends and fashions, and while my style might not match that of my fellow students, I feel as though adults take me more seriously.
      • Fads and fashions in body style will come and go at the margin.

    • 1.2Clothing

      moda feminine
      before noun fashion accessories accesorios masculine
      • fashion buyer comprador de modas
      • fashion editor director de revista de modas
      • fashion magazine revista de modas
      • fashion page sección de modas
      • Her profile recalls Greek classical sculpture as well as fashion mannequins of the period.
      • Fashion designers are asking for similar protection for clothing designs for three years.
      • More importantly, he considers himself the world's best fashion photographer.
      • The end result will be like something you have seen in way-out fashion magazines.
      • A fashion magazine editor is going to remember them by types of clothing and jewelry worn.
      • Fashion designers, including Dolce & Gabbana, have dedicated collections to her.
      • Nevertheless, covering a war for a women's fashion magazine is surely as surreal as it gets, he acknowledges.
      • However, there are fashion magazines and features put together by professionals, so why step on their toes?
      • The fair this year has invited more than 180 fashion producers from home and overseas.
      • We hope that this has been a lesson in smart reading of fashion magazines.
      • She's glad to be working, especially since there's a glut of fashion photographers out there.
      • The winner of the crown can now be seen frequently on TV and the covers of fashion magazines.
      • Like other artists, fashion designers are somewhat sensitive and can be competitive.
      • Doing something different in the competitive world of fashion magazines is not easy.
      • Artists and fashion designers are taking over somewhat from the literary types, however.
      • A whole range of people got together, including people from the fashion industry.
      • The result is a huge mixture of fashion creativity which varies enormously in quality.
      • My daughter is a published poet and artist and is studying fashion technology.
      • It is what has become known as the disposable young fashion market.
      • At least four national high street fashion retailers have already expressed an interest in opening in the town alongside Debenhams.

  • 2

    costumbre feminine
    as was my fashion como era mi costumbre
  • 3

    manera feminine
    modo masculine
    he replied in typically witty fashion respondió con el ingenio que lo caracterizaba
    • in her own inimitable fashion como solo ella puede hacerlo
    • in the French fashion a la francesa
    • in this fashion de esta manera
    • Unlike machines, these living systems respond to changes in a non-linear fashion.
    • In my usual haphazard fashion, none of them were labeled.
    • The chairman would like to thank all who attended and behaved in a mannerly fashion.
    • To prevent people from seeing videos in a timely fashion is the summit of her achievements so far.
    • The right to a fair trial in a timely fashion is one of the cornerstones of our society.
    • And so I think, overall, it is progressing in an orderly fashion.
    • But in the last week he has put those wrongs right in spectacular fashion.
    • Largely out of my experience with the Science Council I wanted it to be done in a systematic fashion.
    • These students understand why a system is designed in a particular fashion and how it works.
    • Entrepreneurship, meanwhile, is considered only as an afterthought and in piecemeal fashion.
    • Most of you send me fine links and do it in a fashion that tells me you have manners.
    • Ensuring efficient completion of the surgical schedule in a timely fashion is impossible without appropriate instrumentation.
    • The 18-hole play-off followed a similar fashion to that of the last round.
    • Instead he reforms himself in a public and determined fashion in order to make himself worthy of her.
    • As a consequence the Claimants' answers have been provided in a piecemeal fashion.
    • Please exit in an orderly fashion and make your way to the shuttle bay.
    • There is no danger that the war will be reported in anything approaching an objective fashion.
    • Over the years I've collected these anthologies in a rather piecemeal fashion.
    • He would walk up to the middle in a carefree manner, and set about his act in a masterly fashion.
    • I think that danger may lurk in the background, but it is likely to arise in an indirect fashion, rather than directly.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (object) crear
    (character) formar
    • Feeling melancholy, he fashioned the cut reeds into the musical instrument that bears his name - the pan-pipe.
    • Perhaps it was fashioned of wood or a metal that had been through an alchemical process all its own.
    • It fashions these elements into a performance that allows something new to appear, the design of which was not necessarily inevitable.
    • This was partly, he believed, because he had not courted the public or succeeded in fashioning a charismatic image.
    • The finding raises hopes that the new cells can be fashioned into transplantable material for patients whose own cells and tissues have become faulty.
    • The fissures between allowed only thin, precise shafts of pale light to strike the trunks and grass, as if the trees were fashioning the sun into a gallery of shapes.
    • Live water plants should be preferred over artificial ones fashioned out of plastic.
    • The opportunity to observe artisans fashioning crystal is not the only reason to visit the Corning Museum of Glass.
    • Home-made labels were sometimes fashioned from wood or slate and would likewise have written information.
    • Although Joan does things that some might consider repugnant, Linney fashions her alter-ego into a sympathetic human being.
    • I am fashioning this material into a visually poetic tribute to his genius.
    • He was proud of their collection, and also of those American artists and artisans who had fashioned the objects.
    • On Saturday however, a welcome victory was fashioned purely from raw talent and endeavour.
    • Thermoelectric materials can be fashioned into devices to create electricity from temperature differences or into solid-state cooling devices.
    • It is said that you can recognise the deft hands that fashioned a doll by looking for telltale signs and shapes on it.
    • Back in the days when England was embroiled in the Hundred Years' War against France, a family of notables was fashioning its own chapel in the valley of the River Kent.
    • What a sight he made when he fashioned his coat-tails into a kind of pouch and hopped about the room imitating a kangaroo.
    • He is sitting, fashioning a silent whistle out of wood, he blows it and the dog comes running back.
    • The effect was like a writhing smiley face fashioned out of live leeches.
    • He says that fashioning the crown is the most difficult part of the job.
    • He is fashioning a unique gel into contact lenses that change color depending on the glucose levels of the patients.
    • He cleverly fashions a raft and paddles out to the coral reef for some spear fishing.
    • He took what they handed him and made it into an idol cast in the shape of a calf, fashioning it with a tool.
    • So as I fashioned those stories into the novel, I realized that I was telling a ‘coming of age’ story, which is relatively rare for a black male literary writer.
    • She added that the programmes which assisted young people in fashioning their lives and earning a living were either dissolved or taken away.
    • The couple spent weekends fashioning their tower house.
    • Kathryn looked into the mirror that was handed to her and saw that he had fashioned her hair into an elegant bun at the back of her head, wisps of her falling around the tight knob.
    • Journalists seized on the idea that impossible restrictions were to be placed on hand-made toys fashioned by craftsmen for centuries.
    • Even old railway sleepers have been fashioned into new building material.
    • Though the basic ideas appear to work in three dimensions, engineers will face some challenges fashioning real compounds into such devices, he says.
    • He and his coworkers have already fashioned the fibers into electricity-storage devices called supercapacitors, which they incorporated into ordinary cloth.
    • The descendants of the Spanish refugees are still fashioning these shutters, especially in the Andalusian quarter of Bizerte.
    • A few minutes later, they had fashioned the antenna into a makeshift letter U and put it over the cable.
    • In the beginning, he, like most puppeteers, was driven by craft, fashioning puppets to express his artistic impulse.
    • But not everyone found the pivotal moment so memorable while Martin was fashioning this cabinet.
    • It's not hard to picture him sitting on the porch at his Portland home fashioning these reflections into songs.
    • In one sequence the camera reveals a nurse fashioning a cardboard box into a dead child's makeshift coffin to be strapped to a bicycle.
    • He fashions these small thoughts into a sprawling 1,500-word polemic - a sort of liberal call-to-arms.
    • To show this, they fashioned the material into threads and used them to stitch four incisions on two rats.