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    • 1.1(quickly)

      (drive/work/move) rápidamente
      (drive/work/move) rápido
      (drive/work/move) deprisa
      not so fast! ¡más despacio!
      • the day is fast approaching when … se está acercando rápidamente el día en que …
      • how fast were you going? ¿a qué velocidad ibas?
      • Some think it's fun to whizz over the speed hump and see how fast they can take off.
      • I stalled and swore, went too fast or too slow, but he was patient and spoke to me in soothing tones.
      • Rod the sound engineer was advising me on speed (that's how fast you speak, not the drug), and on timing.
      • A sign of the success of the megachurches in this country and elsewhere is that they are fast becoming mainstream.
      • Yeah, she is acting like an idiot, but everything's happening really fast for her.
      • As to the matter of how fast our speeding knight of the road was in fact travelling, various readers were keen to take us to task on the finer points of metric etiquette.
      • I didn't think it was possible, but my heart began to beat even faster.
      • She was then fired, allegedly because she did not type fast enough to keep with the creative discussions.
      • Everything happened really fast, there was a lot of people.
      • As a result, the systems built with dual-core processors can perform impressively fast.
      • He spoke of his days in the school and how fast the fifteen years since he left had gone.
      • Angel hit the ground and didn't recover fast enough to avoid a powerful kick to her ribs.
      • My heart beating even faster, what was I supposed to do?
      • These vehicles are also fast becoming a lifestyle choice, with enhanced styling adding to the popularity of the genre.
      • Kids grow up so fast nowadays, don't they?
      • However, the burning sensation didn't fade quite fast enough.
      • You have to run really fast to get away from Lynette when she's on a make-up rampage.
      • Cecil felt things were just going a bit too fast for his liking.
      • The fuel crisis is the immediate cause, and whether that will run and run or fade away as fast as it blew up is for the moment hard to say.
      • At that point, the US share market had been growing extremely fast for several years.
      • Passengers had to act fast to save their own lives.
      • The friendly council have opened a nice new road and it's so smooth you pick up quite a lot of speed before you realise how fast you are going.
      • The schedule will also depend on how fast consumers will switch to 3G mobile services.
      • You can specify which mouse button will open menus, how fast the mouse responds to double clicks and so forth.
      • Now traditional Highland crofting is fast becoming the lifestyle of choice for stress-ridden city folk.
      • The news spread fast and the crowds became a crush within a few hours.
      • Inherent in elevator performance is the speed and capacity of each elevator and how fast the doors open and close.
      • The way to achieve success in swimming is obviously to swim faster over a given distance.
      • Ben was walking slightly faster now but still had trouble keeping up.
      • Its been over a week since I got back from Tokyo, memories fade so fast!
      • I wheeze at night and cough during workouts, but I am swimming fast.
      • They knew they had to act fast to save this young man's life.
      • Tyler moved so swiftly and so fast he lived up to our team's name: The Black Panthers.
      • They shoveled the food into their mouths so fast it was like a speed eating contest.
      • We have acted fast to stop the harm but the problem has not gone away.
      • Whoever was driving was driving so fast I couldn't see anything out the window.
      • She says this all very fast and energetically like she has held it in there for so long, and needs to tell someone.
      • Finding mechanisms that can react fast enough to prevent escalation could prove problematic.
      • So, very fast the discussion moved into practical problems: who would be the best to do the job?
      • I had to walk quite fast to keep up with him.
      • Responsible drivers know that driving very fast or recklessly will endanger their life and other people's.

    • 1.2(ahead of schedule)

      it's running six minutes fast va seis minutos adelantado

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    the car was stuck fast in the mud el coche estaba atascado en el barro
  • 3

    to be fast asleep estar profundamente dormido