Translation of fast in Spanish:


rápido, adj.

Pronunciation /fæst//fɑːst/

adjectivefaster, fastest

  • 1

    • 1.1(speedy)

      (car/runner/pace) rápido
      (car/runner/pace) veloz
      (service/ball) rápido
      it's her fastest time over this distance es su mejor tiempo en esta distancia
      • fast train tren rápido
      • she's a fast driver/learner maneja /aprende muy rápido
      • I'm a fast learner, or they are fast teachers, but it's damn cool.
      • The band feature two capable and incredibly fast guitarists.
      • Typical rotating frame experiments are performed in the fast exchange limit.
      • He was a fast learner, able to look back at his own mistakes and improve.
      • However, it lacks power over 60 mph and up hills so you have to perform some fast gearchanges.
      • But do they emit overt commercial messages that fast and possibly irresponsible driving is a good thing?
      • Most countries retain fleets of small, fast vessels for coastal patrol.
      • Unless you're a fast reader who can keep a clear head, there's a good chance the narrative will speed off and leave you behind.
      • She pulled me onto the dance floor and I surprisingly had a lot of fun moving to the fast beat of the music.
      • Far be it from me to say that this was a bad exam, suffice to say it was an exam in which fast writers were rewarded, at the expense of those without bionic hands.
      • I'm a strong, fast walker who has to make a deliberate effort to slow down when in company.
      • The big key to Daytona is making sure you have a fast car that is capable of getting out front and staying there.
      • Even for a fast learner, though, four months is an awfully short time to cram.
      • Yorkshire are waiting for a fitness report which will reveal if the fast bowler will be able to play tomorrow.
      • Alexis ignored the question and continued walking at a slightly faster pace.
      • To make such bold statements about any fast bowler is brave verging on foolhardy.
      • Tillman is best in press coverage; his tight hips hinder him when he has to play off fast receivers.
      • He claims not to be a fast writer, just someone who responds well to pressure.
      • I got an Estonian passport stamp, courtesy of a short trip across the water from Finland on a very fast catamaran.
      • The competitors were doing 29 miles per hour for the first hour, an incredibly fast pace.
      • What You Waiting For is the benchmark for the album, immediately enjoyable with its fast lyrics and catchy melody.
      • Keep the defence tight, and when on offence, I want to see quick feet and fast passing.
      • A little speed will take care of that, letting you zip around and fight at an incredibly fast pace.
      • One of the fastest planes in the air is set to resume service on the London to New York route in the near future.
      • More importantly, they're purposely kept brief to maintain the fast pace of the game.
      • A predator in every sense of the term, he was a giant among fast bowlers.
      • Jamie was into speed, he liked fast cars and the adrenaline rush of living life on the edge.
      • This bird is the world's fastest animal at 220 miles per hour.
      • He is the fastest horse I've ever had, and it was because of his speed that we kept him away from the others in the early stages.
      • Another fast ship of those times was the American Clipper the Flying Cloud.
      • But this is a very fast printer able to cope with heavy workloads.
      • Am I just different to the norm since I have never been a great lover of watching fast cars speeding around a piece of tarmac for an hour and a half?
      • Focused on fast ships capable of 31 knots, this has put the wind up rivals, few of which have the resources to match this kind of investment.

    • 1.2

      (track/surface) rápido
      • A good 10 km to blast away the cobwebs is an excellent idea and this is a fast course where personal bests are quite possible.
      • This track is very demanding for drivers with fast corners and it's enjoyable to drive here.
      • But on a lightening fast surface, the British No.2 was always likely to be a troublesome competitor.
      • Both batsmen got in some early practice, taking advantage of friendly bowling from the PCA XI and a fast outfield.
      • The surface of the pitch was outstanding and the outfield was fast and true.
      • I'm still missing a little speed, which you need on these fast indoor courts.
      • The final section from the Bolt Shelter to the road is fast, flat, and fun.
      • And as the sun continues to shine, so do the hopes of Inn At The Top - who favours the firm, fast ground.
      • Further than that, the Bught Park is traditionally a fast surface, an ideal venue for the sharp stick work both sets of forwards favour.
      • He was always close to the lead, but could only stay on one-paced in the closing stages and may have found the surface on the fast side.
      • It was a fast, flat course over two large adjacent areas joined by a steep bank.
      • The first mistake was to choose indoor carpet, a fast surface, that suited Leander's serve and volley game.
      • The King George VI Chase at Kempton could be next for the horse if the ground was to come up on the fast side and rule out Best Mate.
      • Quarterback Kurt Warner will take advantage of the fast surface and the speed of his receivers.
      • He's another who handles a fast surface and a repeat of his creditable second to Lord Of The Turf at Galway will see him land this.
      • This 2 mile road course is very fast and tricky.
      • Taking the fast outfield into consideration, fans could be in for a rather heavy-scoring game.
      • Faint Heart was a costly failure at Galway, going down by a length to Right Key, but was all at sea on the fast surface then.
      • He did well to finish on the predominantly flat fast course to finish in the top 70.
      • The Brisbane pitch is fast and bouncy so I think we may just lose the first Test match.
      • He got off the mark over fences at Kilbeggan, beating Lantern Leader four and a half lengths, and will revel in the fast surface.
      • Its not a super fast track, but it is very technical with some great corners and elevation changes.
      • The Gonubie course is fast, but also requires strength, both of a physical and mental nature.
      • It's not a high-speed circuit, there are not many fast corners.
      • He was promoted to the BP-Ford squad for his experience and knowledge of the dauntingly fast Finnish roads.
      • Our fastest roads (our motorways) are also our safest.

    • 1.3

      my watch is five minutes fast mi reloj (se) adelanta cinco minutos

    • 1.4Photography

      (film) sensible
      (shutter) rápido
      • So depending on the lighting conditions you may need to use fast lenses and/or high speed film.
      • For low light and fast shutter speeds you need a fast film and also a fast lens.
      • It should be lighter, with a fairly fast lens, and reasonable responsiveness and battery life.
      • Again this is where you use the fast film and enlarge for the portrait.
      • It's a good idea in any case to have a selection of slow, medium and fast film on hand at all times.
      • This was big-time exposure country, and had I known in advance I would have brought my tripod and a stock of fast film!
      • Obviously you will want to use your fastest lens, let me know what it is and I will try to suggest a film for you to use.
      • I used fast film, fast shutter speed, and zoomed in to fill the frame.

  • 2

    he made fast to the jetty amarró (el barco) al desembarcadero
    • We sent boats with ropes and hawsers to the rocks, wound a rope round a rock, made a hawser fast to the rope, and swung to it with a length of hawser.
    • Dockhands caught the lines and pulled the ship in and made it fast.
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    (color) inalterable
    (color) sólido
    (color) que no destiñe
    • From the tubes, a not so fast dye is extracted for colouring silk.
    • All those shops selling these goods have to give consumers the assurance that they are fast colour, non-shrinkable and correct size.
    • The setup had to be optimized for response times below microseconds by using a fast dye and by applying a fast fluorescence detector.
  • 4dated

    • Mumbai, on the other hand, was used to money and a fast lifestyle.
    • Lack of strong family bonds and fast lifestyle also contribute to this habit.
    • In the beginning it was a hit with a young, fast crowd because of one of its owners, Karim Amatullah.
    • Reid is one such fellow, his name frequently prompting the response 'Who?', even from those of his compatriots with a passing interest in wheels and fast living.
    • A pair of red stilettos, maybe you like attention and things on the fast side.
    • Tom Adair examines the short life and fast times of an all - American great.
    • The actor was as famous for his fast living, hard drinking, and acerbic wit as for his performances.