Translation of fast forward in Spanish:

fast forward

botón de avance rápido, n.

Pronunciation /ˌfɑːst ˈfɔːwəd//fæst ˈfɔrwərd/


also fast forward button

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    botón de avance rápido masculine
    • Below the screen is the nifty touch-sensitive Click Wheel with select, play, fast forward and rewind controls.
    • Rather than speed forward or backward, the fast-forward button advanced the playback by five seconds, and the rewind button didn't do anything at all.
    • He then suffered through close to a hundred films on VHS and DVD, using the fast-forward and cue controls as often as possible, to locate said sequences.
    • Navigation is accomplished via the fast forward / rewind rocker switch and the play/pause button for selection.
    • The PVR allows viewers to ‘time shift’ - to watch a program when they want to rather than when it's scheduled - and to skip commercials at the press of a fast-forward button.
    • Here in New Zealand we are lucky because our VCRs have a fast-forward button we can use to skip the ads.
    • There are no standard fast-forward, rewind and play/pause buttons.
    • When we looked at the videotape later, Dad hit the fast-forward button to skip through the meal.
    • The TiVo remote works because my fingers can feel around the rewind/pause/fast-forward buttons.
    • The fast forward function allows me to move through the program at mind blowing speeds avoiding any soppy pieces or annoying chat scenes so I can get to the really interesting parts of the shows at warp speed.
    • It doesn't delete the commercial, the commercial's still there in the recording, just like it is in the VCR case, but the users automatically jump over it instead of having to push the fast forward button.
    • The round touch pad used to scroll through song lists now sports the stop/start, fast forward, reverse and menu buttons that were placed between the screen and this wheel.
    • Next is the fast forward / rewind rocker switch and menu buttons that are used for navigation and setup features.
    • It will give viewers the ability to stop, rewind and fast forward shows and tape one while watching another.
    • The main controls - volume up and down, fast forward, rewind, stop and play/pause buttons - sit on the front under the four-line display and microphone.
    • On top of the usual fast forward, rewind, pause, play, stop functions that your VCR has, most Video on Demand systems allow you to skip ahead or skip back.
    • Sega has also added new function pads - play, rewind, fast-forward and stop - that trigger and move parts of levels when rolled over resulting in an improved element of strategy in-game.

transitive and intransitive verb


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