Translation of fastidious in Spanish:


muy exigente, adj.

Pronunciation /fæˈstɪdiəs//faˈstɪdɪəs/


  • 1

    (person) muy exigente
    (person) (too fussy) maniático
    (person) (too fussy) mañoso Latin America
    chosen with fastidious care elegido con sumo cuidado
    • fastidious about sth
    • I'm fastidious about cleanliness soy muy exigente en lo que se refiere a la limpieza
    • I was struck by the fastidious care with which the parties divided up the cost of the vacations they took together; sometimes calculations were made to the penny.
    • For the fastidious reader interested in precise historical accuracy, these flaws are very substantial.
    • He is eloquent at description, fastidious about mythic details, but reticent about his personal life.
    • Why be so fastidious in dealing with the likes of Norman?
    • The owner of our company is pretty fastidious in choosing products that are naturally and environmentally sound.
    • They want you to do everything to them, but then are too fastidious to name it.
    • He made relatively few films and gained the reputation of being a fastidious and sometimes ruthless perfectionist.
    • Why does a conductor so fastidious and precise with an orchestra always seem so blithely undisturbed by such unidiomatic, out-of-tune singing?
    • In its overall design and fastidious attention to detail, the table reflects the concept of presenting a useful, industrially produced object that is a work of art.
    • His appearance strikes me as unusual for a middle-aged man - overly fastidious and somehow too calculated.
    • He plays it deadpan, with impeccable style and fastidious attention to detail, but of course that only enhances the absurdity.
    • He's a detail man, obsessively fastidious to the point that he still handles the steady-cam himself, to get those shots just right.
    • This Prime Minister, who is so fastidious about all matters, says that she was happy to leave the judgment on this issue up to her electorate office staff.
    • Aside from this fastidious attention to detail, the designer's work has few distinguishing features.
    • A first-year student at Williams may well become frustrated with such fastidious nit-picking.
    • In retrospect, I wish I had been more fastidious.
    • The central characters are fastidious, scrupulous and articulate.
    • His playing is not only passionately alluring but also remarkably fastidious to the slightest detail in the scores.
    • I've looked for holes in the armor but Donaldson's too fastidious.
    • He had to carefully attend to each customer's fastidious demands.