Translation of fat in Spanish:


gordo, adj.

Pronunciation /fat//fæt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(obese)

      (animal/person/stomach) gordo
      to get/grow fat engordar
      • to grow fat on sth enriquecerse con algo
      • it ain't (all) over till the fat lady sings el partido no se acaba hasta el silbato final
      • She was sitting between a fat man who wheezed a lot and a woman who definitely overdid the perfume.
      • The link between the daily traffic jams outside schools and the bored, fat teenagers in the people carriers seemed to escape the members of the obesity taskforce.
      • Everyday, I see people not much older than me, fat and enslaved to cigarettes and/or alcohol struggling to get on/off a bus let alone walking somewhere.
      • Shell makes an interesting point about very fat people: in order to carry that enormous extra weight around with them, they have much more powerful muscles than less fat people do.
      • In York Cattle Market the following week there would be one of the biggest auction sales of fat pigs since before the war.
      • The same white-and-orange hamster, named Honey, resided in a small cage cleaned out once a week and had grown so fat that she could hardly squeeze through cardboard tubes.
      • We had 2,225 fat sheep on Tuesday and the best lambs made up to 145p/kilo.
      • I'm sitting at the library across from a very skinny woman and I'm thinking about how fat I am.
      • Your eyes flash all round the platform to see if there are any hugely fat people you can hide behind - has he seen you yet?
      • She was about Hanna's age and looked nice and friendly: short, a little plump but not fat, with long red hair and freckled face.
      • I opened the door and came face to face with a fat janitor smoking a cigarette and operating an extraordinarily loud vacuum.
      • Sows are too fat upon entering the farrowing house.
      • Despite the ‘real’ people portrayed, I've yet to see a fat person on board or someone with bad hygiene.
      • Go on a diet with your pet - if you have a fat dog at home, like we do.
      • The market re-opened for the sale of fat cattle and sheep.
      • The case against fat proceeds on the assumption that if a fat person becomes thin, that person will acquire the health characteristics of people who were thin in the first place.
      • I don't know how I can look at my stupid, fat bulk in the mirror every day.
      • I've been visiting a few suburban areas in our country over the last month and have to say that I'm shocked at how disgustingly fat people have become.
      • I ate 20 nuggets and a chicken sandwich meal and Rob kept on throwing things at me and calling me a fat pig.
      • She was only plump, not fat, but in those girls' eyes, she was a whale.
      • Cue whinge after whinge after pitiful whinge about how fat she thinks she is, and how much weight she must have put on since entering the house.
      • He was 67, so fat that he could hardly walk, gluttonous, in ill health and within eight months of death.
      • While fat cow and bull prices are still weak, feeder cattle prices are strong.
      • He was a large, plump man with a fat gut hanging over his belt.
      • The limit of his agrarian radicalism was a demand, conceded by the British, for the removal of differential between Irish fat cattle and animals fattened in Britain.

    • 1.2British

      que tiene mucha grasa

    • 1.3(fattened)

      (pigs/cattle) de engorde

    • 1.4(thick)

      (cigar/book) grueso
      (cigar/book) gordo
      a fat wad of dollar bills un grueso fajo de dólares
      • In order to attend you need not just a fat wallet but the right connections.
      • Sometimes the balance teeters in one direction, but mostly I try to even things out by eating a salad on a day after eating a big fat steak with bacon.
      • Last year, Arthritis New Zealand ran billboards featuring a middle-aged woman sucking on a fat marijuana cigarette.
      • The risotto turned out to be excellent and very well seasoned, with its fat grains of al dente rice and its large chunks of tasty mushrooms.
      • The force of fat raindrops hitting my head was hard enough to make me wince.
      • With a mid-engined layout, a fat tyre at each corner and your own bulk almost as low as it can go, the weight distribution is perfect, and the handling truly sublime.
      • We sought refuge in the comfort of pipes, nursery food, big fat armchairs in stuffy, overheated rooms and low-risk jobs for life.
      • And then there is a guy smoking a fat cigarette that surely contains less tobacco than greenery.
      • Yet the questions remain: Are clean lungs and a fatter wallet worth my sanity?
      • Eventually he would come up, sit down, then carefully roll himself a fat, untidy cigarette, spilling some tobacco in the process.
      • She selected a very fat cigarette which she lit with a petrol lighter, and grinned as it issued a rich sweet-smelling odour.
      • She then turned back and a female friend leaned down, took what appeared to be a fat, hand-rolled cigarette and lit it.
      • Peer over your plate to see the deft hands of prep chef Samuel Ramirez shape cornmeal-molasses dough into fat hamburger buns.
      • But you don't need to be a criminal mastermind to target our rather fat and sluggish financial institutions.
      • It's a bar where you can enjoy good company, a fat cigar, a dainty cigarette and a glass of fine red.

  • 2

    • 2.1(lucrative)

      jugoso informal
      the fat years los años de las vacas gordas
      • While they are buying well-known brand names and waiting for prestige and fat profits to result, they tend to forget the major difference between home and abroad.
      • A company making big league profits and paying fat dividends to shareholders should be ashamed of its insulting pay offer to the people who actually do the work.
      • Maybe the cause is so great or maybe the suffering is so intolerable that the ends justify any means - fat chance, but maybe.
      • Fat reduction brought fat times for much of the food industry in the early 1990s, helping to spawn such megabrands as Healthy Choice.
      • And even if they do not form the next Government, they stand to receive fat pension cheques whilst they continue to work and earn.
      • The country's attempts since the 1970s to build a diversified economy from the fat profits of higher oil process have failed miserably.
      • In any case, there is fat chance of finding alternative employment in this area, which to an untutored eye looks rich in natural assets.
      • There is fat chance of Tosh forgetting about this season, which surely has the makings of a magical 30-goal one.
      • And when the great boom began and the country's cities began to develop, there was a rush to profit from the fat contracts on offer.
      • The situation requires strong political leadership all round - fat chance.
      • All my children have spent time in excellent examples of both, but I have to say I find nothing concentrates head teachers' minds more than the termly handing over of the fat cheque.
      • She just didn't like crowds most of the time, except when she could escape notice in them - fat chance.
      • Such scaremongering is likely to do the nation's health a fat lot of good.
      • I gave up - there wasn't a fat lot of difference anyway.
      • There is a similarly fat chance of us accepting the other unquestioned assumptions underpinning misanthropic doom-mongering about health.
      • This won't mean a fat lot to most of you, but the eventual results might be interesting.
      • Ah well, it gives them something to write about, I suppose not a fat lot happens in Solihull at the best of times.
      • Ideally, Heaney's talk would be broadcast on the radio but there is fat chance of that.
      • But transparency is a fat lot of good if the newspapers don't bother to tell the public.
      • And so what if they're getting a big fat pay cheque - the money is commensurate with their sporting talent, not a measure of their morals.
      • But fat chance that such a rational, liberal and secular proposal would ever get through here.
      • For the first year I raved and plotted revenge, and a fat lot of good it did me.
      • Thanks in part to fat fees from those captive funds and betting its own capital and trading prowess, the bank did very nicely thank you.
      • Because the affordable homes remain owned or part-owned by whichever housing association is involved, they cannot be sold on for fat profits.
      • On the other hand, you be nice to me… and a fat lot of good it'll do you.
      • The reason one goes here is to pray for a healthy and happy pregnancy and trouble free birth - fat chance on the first score so hopefully the birth will be ok.
      • The press has done a public service exposing this government's fondness for spin, rich businessmen and fat donation cheques.
      • But according to a report issued last week, there is fat chance of this in our part of the world.
      • A fat lot of good that is to a traveller who would be many miles away by the time it got there.
      • For the rest, entering the entertainment world means having a colourful lifestyle, fat monetary rewards and an enviable social status.
      • The fat profits in the sector have driven the number of developers to 30,000 from 4,200 in 1991.
      • He is not the first person to be sacked for missing targets and to walk out with a fat cheque, but what the bankers really disliked was the cut of his jib.
      • I'm just glad Rob didn't win (though he's got his hands on the money via matrimony anyway), and that Rupert got a nice fat cheque.
      • More than fame, more than fortune, more than a fat cookbook contract, what they really crave is a good sandwich.
      • For years, Hong Kong's developers - owners of some of the most expensive real estate in the world - have enjoyed fat profit margins.
      • A groovy looking website with nothing to say or to do is a fat lot of use.
      • Mrs Dobson said the task of the trust has become more difficult over the years as property prices escalated and they had to compete with developers hoping to make fat profits.
      • A fat lot of good that did for our magazine industry.
      • He might have assumed a lower profile, but he didn't disappear like many others with a fat cheque, a set of golf clubs and a one-way ticket to Florida.
      • So what happens to your big fat pension fund in these circumstances?

    • 2.2(large)

      (salary) muy alto
      a fat check un cheque por mucho dinero
      • they made a fat profit sacaron pingües ganancias

    • 2.3(very little)

      a fat chance you've got of winning! ¡muchas posibilidades tienes tú de ganar! ironic
      • a fat lot of good that'll do! ¡para lo que va a servir!
      • a fat lot you know about it! ¡no tienes la más mínima idea!


  • 1

    grasa feminine
    animal/vegetable fat grasa animal/vegetal
    • this cheese contains 30% fat este queso contiene un 30% de materia grasa
    • a fat free diet una dieta sin grasas
    • the fat is in the fire la cosa está que arde
    • to chew the fat cotorrear
    • to live off the fat of the land vivir de (las) rentas
  • 2

    (on person)
    grasa feminine
    to run to fat echar carnes informal