Translation of faux pas in Spanish:

faux pas

metedura de pata, n.

Pronunciation /fəʊ ˈpɑː//ˌfoʊ ˈpɑ/


  • 1

    metedura de pata feminine informal
    metida de pata feminine Latin America informal
    to make a faux pas meter la pata informal
    • Arrogant pride can be a social faux pas, but feeling proud is important for a healthy sense of self esteem.
    • What's the worst faux pas an Englishman can make in a pitch?
    • Realizing the faux pas, the confused singer made up a few impromptu dance moves before walking off the stage.
    • Even though it is no longer considered a fashion faux pas, I refuse to wear white after Labor Day.
    • Trust me, this will help greatly in preventing any possible faux pas or embarrassment.
    • But I feel I'm committing some terrible faux pas and trendy typography buffs are probably sniggering at me.
    • And the second faux pas is the proliferation of checked shirts.
    • When bureaucrats pointed out the faux pas, she corrected the order.
    • But look at how confusion and indecision have prompted a fashion faux pas.
    • For example, they might be less likely to recognize that a social faux pas or insult could cause someone else offence.
    • Well, I personally don't think that was a faux pas at all, seeing as you asked whether anyone else wanted it first.
    • Well you wouldn't want to read that book, obviously, but it's the sort of thing you need to know about in order to avoid making embarrassing faux pas.
    • I tune in for the fashion firsts, the fashion faux pas, and to see what's in fashion.
    • Political correctness is de rigueur while offering dinner guests non-organic vegetables is a serious faux pas.
    • Correcting other people's children is a faux pas that will earn you a cold shoulder from the respective parent.
    • Howard could have done without this most recent faux pas.
    • This is a faux pas the government should swiftly make amends for.
    • This can be an amusing approach when you're talking about fashion faux pas and such like.
    • Every social faux pas, every cruel word, every embarrassment returns with fresh power to demoralise.
    • Will my nationally aired faux pas and charisma catastrophes ever desist?