Translation of fax in Spanish:


fax, n.

Pronunciation /faks//fæks/


  • 1

    fax masculine
    telefax masculine
    to send sb a fax mandarle / enviarle un fax a algn
    • before noun fax machine/message fax
    • fax number número de fax
    • If the reporter needs to rewrite or edit the release, it is much easier to edit an electronic message than to retype a fax or a hard copy of the release.
    • Junk faxes are illegal because a significant cost is shifted to the recipient without recourse.
    • He followed up his Saturday morning phone message with this fax.
    • The U.S. Embassy officials presented the copy of the fax at Friday's hearing.
    • Curiously enough, all this proselytising activity is funded by sending out junk faxes to businesses in the UK.
    • We refer to your fax dated 7th December.
    • Receiving faxes and voice messages via e-mail is free; other services are charged.
    • The penalty for each unsolicited fax is the greater of $500 or your actual damages.
    • This time, I sent copies of my faxes to high-ranking Forestry administrators in Jakarta.
    • Thank you for your extraordinary fax of June 5.
    • The arbitrator found that the faxes of 18th March were clear enough.
    • You can support their protest by sending faxes or calling the interior minister.
    • On more than 400 occasions the company violated regulations which forbid companies from sending junk faxes.
    • I've signed the petitions, written letters, sent faxes and emails, and I'm ready.
    • He did not do so in writing, although he was receiving faxes from them.
    • We will be able to deal with e-mail contact, electronic faxes and text messages from a mobile phone.
    • Thank you for your fax of June 8.
    • Over 13,500 of you sent faxes to your senators.
    • You will also be able to conduct conference calls, receive voice mail, send faxes and check e-mail.
    • I received another anonymous fax this morning, right on schedule.

transitive verb

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    I'll fax it (through) to you se lo enviaré / mandaré por fax