Translation of feast in Spanish:


banquete, n.

Pronunciation /fiːst//fist/


  • 1

    • 1.1(banquet)

      banquete masculine
      festín masculine
      • It was a must at wedding feasts, despite the various dals, since, unlike the oily and rich dishes, it soothed the stomach.
      • Speaking of food, the daily supper feasts were a copious spread of enormous proportion.
      • The guests had gathered to enjoy a rich meal, celebrating the first day of the wedding feast.
      • Again there is a religious ceremony and a feast.
      • The wedding feast is the highpoint of any marriage function.
      • On weekends, they prepare earth ovens and bake food for the evening meal and a Sunday feast.
      • Great battles were fought and important conferences were planned, pacts signed, and feasts and religious ceremonies celebrated in its shade.
      • On the same night that the game's elite were tucking into a feast at the champions dinner, here was Daly selling merchandise over the counter of his ramshackle trailer.
      • Medieval banquets, Viking feasts, dinner parties, wedding ceremonies, conferences and exhibitions: you name it, this venue can do it.
      • We collect donations and the leftovers of wedding feasts and feed the poor.
      • There was even a nice crop of berries and some fruit trees nearby and they had quite the feast for their meal.
      • The party sat around the table, eating the celebration feast.
      • Most feasts and celebrations have religious aspects.
      • At wedding celebrations and religious feasts, coffee is drunk.
      • The profane-sounding name simply mirrors the character of the adjacent area used for various purposes, among other things joyful cult celebrations attended by ritual dances and feasts.
      • He also wishes to extend to you an invitation to dine with him at a feast of dancing and delights.
      • Traditional elements of the festival, including the gourmet dinner, restaurant meal deals and roving feasts, will remain.
      • The peppers' smoky-sweet flavor makes a satisfying feast out of any meal.
      • Gawain called the meal a feast, but his hosts brushed off the compliment, saying the next meal would be better.
      • Collins was reported to have chosen the head chef at the hotel, John Williams, to prepare the wedding feast.

    • 1.2(abundance)

      a feast of colors un derroche de color(es)
      • a feast of entertainment un sinfín de diversiones
      • it's either feast or famine las cosas van de un extremo al otro

  • 2

    fiesta feminine
    the Feast of Corpus Christi el día de Corpus (Christi)
    • On February 14th is celebrated the feast of two saints named Valentine.
    • I know that the Mayor of Pisa, if he had any say in it at all, would like the tower to be reopened in June next year to coincide with the feast of their patron saint.
    • The day of the assassination bid was also the feast of Our Lady of Fatima.
    • It was therefore fitting that on the feast of the Assumption, the Church, dedicated to Our Lady, was packed to overflowing.
    • The most distinctive buildings, events, customs, and ideas are Catholic, from the many community churches and chapels, to the saints' days' feasts, to the week-long wakes in the homes of the dead.
    • The popular Christian life in its annual liturgical cycle was a life punctuated by feasts, vigils, fasts, and celebrations.
    • The biggest holiday among Basques is the feast of their patron saint, Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order.
    • Even gloomy January is a good time to visit the region - at the end of the month, every village celebrates the feast of Saint Vincent, the patron saint of winegrowers.
    • One is the feast of St. Leonard, the patron saint of livestock, who is honored each November with festive horse-and-cart parades.
    • We recommended for example to incorporate religious feasts let's say as national holidays and we made some proposal for the development of a better knowledge of religious thought.
    • The day of the coronation was appointed for the day January 29, during the feast of Candlemas.
    • Do not Christmas and Easter, and almost all the Christian feasts, have a non-Christian origin?
    • Each province has at least one local festival of its own, usually on the feast of its patron saint, so that there is always a fiesta going on somewhere in the country.
    • For each Sunday, principal feasts, and some holy days, Pryce chose a short poem or prose selection that shares a theme with readings assigned to that day.
    • In a more vigorous vein he wrote some church music, including a Mass in the old style and the famous music for Vespers on feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
    • On the island itself, due to the dominance of Roman Catholicism, the feast of saints and other Church holy days are observed.
    • Popular religious and national festivals and major feasts of the Christian year are also important and reveal the presence of popular religion in Greece.
    • Villages celebrate their patron saints' feasts at various times during the year.
    • In Russian tradition, name days - feasts of major saints - are more important than birthdays.
    • But we like to keep our religious feasts neatly separated.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to feast on sth darse un festín de algo

transitive verb

  • 1

    to feast oneself on sth darse un festín de algo
    • to feast one's eyes ( on sth) regalarse los ojos / la vista ( con algo)