Translation of feature in Spanish:


rasgo, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈfiːtʃə//ˈfitʃər/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of face)

      rasgo masculine
      features (feminine plural) facciones
      • delicate features rasgos delicados
      • a smile lit up his features una sonrisa le iluminó el rostro
      • External features such as the eyes, nose, mouth and ears can be seen, and fingers and toes start to appear.
      • The similarities between the two men are stark - the same strong jaw, angular features and receding hairline.
      • The reader can almost see the characters' distinct features, smell the trailer-park they live in and hear their voices.
      • He had medium-length blonde hair, strong features, striking grey eyes.
      • The doctor inspects your facial features and neck to assess your skin tone and bone structure.
      • His mouth and facial features were twisted into a look of horror.
      • They had come from many parts of the world, as was apparent from their skin colour, facial features, their hair and the babble of languages spoken softly.
      • He has strong facial features, with a slightly pointy chin and strong cheek bones.
      • He had regular features, brown round eyes, brown light hair and a slight growth of beard.
      • His features gave him the appearance of a college freshman, except for the lines that had begun to form at the corners of his eyes and mouth because of his nicotine addiction.
      • Those who had any flaws in their facial features, waists, necks, shoulders or backs had to leave.
      • She is a doll made of grubby green satin, with satin stumps for hands and feet, features inked onto a round of calico for her face, and her pointed head of grubby green satin also.
      • As soon as he saw me though, I could see the distinct softening in his features, in particular his eyes.
      • He pushed his sandy hair away from the strong features on his face.
      • He could have passed for an officer of the navy, with his young, strong features, floppy dark hair and twinkling eyes.
      • By mapping the face and focusing on features such as the eyes, nose and mouth, the system should be able to identify and help track down the closest match.

    • 1.2(of character, landscape, style)

      característica feminine
      rasgo (distintivo) masculine
      the house has many original features la casa conserva muchos detalles arquitectónicos de época
      • his legs are his best feature lo mejor que tiene son las piernas
      • to make a feature of sth hacer resaltar algo
      • Such a capacity to identify and contrast peoples by distinguishing characteristics is a feature of a sense of national identity.
      • Frank Kermode touches lightly on the salient features of each play.
      • Standard safety features include dual stage driver and passenger air bags and active front head restraints.
      • It was the dominating feature of the news bulletins.
      • Barker suggests that metaphor is an essential feature of human communication.
      • The idea is to provide an opportunity to the manufacturers to explain the salient features of their products to the consumers.
      • Quality installation is crucial to ensure the gate's safety features work properly and last a long time.
      • Diversity of values, what philosophers calls the ‘fact of pluralism’, is the salient feature of modern societies in the West.
      • These external features are significant because they constrain managers to act in particular ways.
      • They reflect, and are determined, by significant external features of that environment.
      • After all, speech is a dominant feature of our lives, and this very talk would be lost on you if it were to consist entirely of manual gestures.
      • Not until 1900, however, did half-tone photographic images become a regular feature of newspapers and magazines.
      • The most significant feature appears to be the total restructuring of the town centre.
      • Another major benefit lies in its safety features.
      • It is both a distinguishing feature and hallmark of the field.
      • They distributed handbills and explained the salient features to those who showed interest in the policy.
      • The salient feature of the battery-powered boat was that it had all scrap materials.
      • A host of safety features, including 10 airbags, are also incorporated.
      • They would restore the familiar and now beloved silhouette to the skyline, but would have different detailing and updated safety features.
      • A small 1970s television sits in one corner - seemingly more of a decorative feature than anything else.

    • 1.3(of machine, appliance, book)

      característica feminine
      prestación feminine

  • 2

    • 2.1Cinema

      película feminine
      full-length feature largometraje masculine
      • main/second feature película principal/complementaria
      • before noun feature film película

    • 2.2Journalism

      artículo masculine
      his column was a regular feature in the paper su columna era uno de los artículos regulares del periódico
      • We want to be of service to our community, to become a clearing house for newsy features of all aspects of living in Japan.
      • There are supplements in newspapers and features on television programmes.
      • The site covers up-to-the minute news, features and analyses on Pakistan, India, South Asia and the rest of the world.
      • To mark the launch, the BBC Nairobi team will be broadcasting special features and interviews live from Kisumu during the week.
      • There he meets Catherine, a reporter doing a major magazine feature on him.
      • Broadcasters could do a feature on children's perspective of daily news and create children's news bulletins.
      • The sheer volume of press pieces and broadcast features about restaurants is witness to that.
      • The press has devoted innumerable commentaries and special features to the topic - many of which are critical.
      • Her commercial work includes newspaper and magazine features and book covers.
      • A feature service which will engage journalists from all the countries and get them to produce features to feed to newspapers in the region.
      • She has co-written a number of books and also writes regular newspaper features on nutrition and healthy lifestyles.
      • This column is packed full of information and features about all aspects of careers, employment, recruitment and qualifications.
      • Special features show how news programming has been created over the years.
      • However, a couple of recent newspaper features from that country do report on the issue.
      • The same news director ordered a female reporter to do a feature on the ‘amateur strip night’ at a local club.
      • At the time there was a craze for bingo games in the tabloid newspapers, so a feature was introduced where the day's bingo numbers were read out.
      • Work with the news department to promote your columnists or other special features.
      • These stories are found in numerous newspaper style sections and in soft magazine features.
      • They used the opportunity to run new features such as news bulletins which they knew would be obligatory if they won a licence.
      • Usually I write articles on my own but a colleague and I decided to cooperate on writing a big feature for a newspaper.

    • 2.3Television Radio

      documental masculine

  • 3US

    (incentive to buy)
    oferta feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    he was featured in 'The Globe' recently 'The Globe' publicó un artículo sobre él hace poco
    • the paper features an article on feminism el periódico trae un artículo sobre el feminismo
    • the state visit was featured on the television news se destacó la visita de estado en las noticias de la televisión
  • 2

    the film features her as ... en la película aparece en el papel de ...
    • featuring John Ball con la actuación de John Ball
  • 3

    tener en oferta
  • 4

    (have as feature)
  • 5


intransitive verb

  • 1

    to feature on a list figurar en una lista
    • rice features prominently in their diet el arroz ocupa un lugar importante en su alimentación
    • the problem does not feature in this report en este informe no se pone de relieve el problema
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