Translation of fee simple in Spanish:

fee simple

plena propiedad, n.



  • 1

    (of land)
    plena propiedad feminine
    pleno dominio masculine
    • An estate in property includes a freehold estate (a fee simple or life estate) and a leasehold estate.
    • One of the things that happens when you get a fee simple is that you can dispose of a fee simple.
    • A person is not entitled to dispose of the fee simple if he needs the consent of others to dispose of it and has not got it.
    • This confers a legal interest on the mortgagee and thus may be granted only by a mortgagor who has a legal estate in the land: either the fee simple or a lease.
    • We are in furious agreement that it is a full fee simple, but what price would it fetch on the open market and what terms must one attribute to the hypothetical sale?