Translation of feeble in Spanish:


débil, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfibəl//ˈfiːb(ə)l/

adjectivefeebler, feeblest

  • 1

    (cry/light/pulse) débil
    by then he'd become very feeble ya para entonces estaba muy débil
    • A little head peeped out of the broken egg, making a feeble sound.
    • The mother made me literally force-feed him, shoving puréed food into his mouth as he cried piteously in feeble protest.
    • A small feeble middle aged man, wearing a white coat and glasses.
    • The computer beeped and then made a feeble sound.
    • We suddenly heard a feeble clang of the gate - like someone was knocking, but not very hard.
    • Protagonists are helpless and feeble, benighted, physically weak and powerless.
    • Truth be told, it's great and, weak and feeble as I can be, I love it.
    • Jackson took one look at her afflicted walk, and scooped her up in his arms, ignoring her feeble cry of protest.
    • They have already cast an evil spell over the weak and feeble King Henry.
    • Upon seeing the seemingly weak and feeble counterpart behind him, he merely turned his attention back to blocking the other two and trying to escape.
    • When asked what her strengths are she adopts a deliberately feeble voice and says, ‘I try really hard.’
    • Lacking any access to the strenuous life of the outdoors, they would be physically feeble.
    • It was surprising how feeble Wills's replies sounded.
    • She looks so weak and feeble from all her depression, but there's a strength in her now that was never there before.
    • There was a distinct amount of light filtering around the blinds and, through the window, the first feeble sounds of the dawn chorus.
    • Her voice was the volume of a hamster's adorable, feeble squeak.
    • With a feeble murmur her head drooped backward from a sudden spell of dizziness.
    • Yet what force on earth is weaker than the feeble strength of one?
    • No matter how powerful and commanding your voice, it always sounds weak and feeble after loud music and graphics on a big screen, but the drama that was about to unfold really was a jarring contrast.
    • It's too easy to choose the weakest, most feeble opponent and it's usually more about your own insecurities than a real challenge to combat.
    • Today this peerless coach lies feeble and weak wanting assistance to meet his illness.
    • Weak and feeble, their gray feathers were sprinkled with fine grains of white salt.
    • Our sin makes us feeble and craven, and we long to flee from the liberty of the sons of God; but where now can we go?
    • Britain's hold on the colonies, though, ‘was the grip of a tired and feeble old man’.
    • Eighty-year-old Lucy is a small feeble woman, but what she lacks in physical strength, she makes up for in character.
    • After that, I was far too weak and feeble to lift a glass.
    • Sometimes the pills make me feel faint and feeble.
    • She tried to pull it open even though she knew that there was no way it was going to come open by her feeble strength.
    • With a feeble squeak, his knees buckled, and he tumbled into a wall, eyes wide with shock.
    • But I'm convinced that what it releases is just my feeble reservoir of strength.
    • He didn't realize how much it hurt until I gave out a feeble cry.
    • Occasionally she would have a fit of coughing, her body's very feeble last attempts at expelling her illness.
    • He cries weakly, the effort clearly straining his feeble body.
  • 2

    (poor, inadequate)
    (joke) flojo
    (joke) malo
    (excuse) pobre
    (excuse) poco convincente
    • Some of your ideas might sound feeble, even to your own ears.
    • It always sounds so pathetic when you refer to it, like some sort of feeble attempt to impress.
    • But was there any reason besides political correctness to produce such a feeble, boring piece in the first place?
    • But of course, we all know that this feeble rubbish is only a weak-kneed attempt to be amusing.
    • Nor are they convinced by the administration's decision on Wednesday to lower the terror alert from orange to yellow, a rather feeble attempt to demonstrate the wisdom of this war.
    • On the contrary, the arguments are vague, slippery, feeble, circular or false.
    • When I re-read it in later years I realized that the plot was unrealistic, the dialogue feeble and the characterization nil.
    • We were always agreed, in good Augustinian fashion, that in a fallen world our best is but a faint intimation of, a feeble gesture toward, what ought to be.
    • The feeble excuses some people try to swing are funny.
    • And journalists who are trying to get him to talk are getting a particularly feeble excuse for why he won't.
    • You'd end up writing a very pale and feeble imitation of a novel if you did that.
    • These sound pretty feeble reasons for Tony Blair to flunk the great test of his leadership.
    • As my physics teacher wrote of my feeble efforts, years ago, ‘You can do better than this.’
    • I could tell you that I only cry when I'm very sad or hurt, but those are feeble excuses, inadequate reasons for condoning my shameful crime.
    • And there always seems to be some feeble excuse or other in an attempt to defend their illicit actions, rather than admitting that most of them are just downright bad.
    • But the comedy is slack, the song lyrics feeble, the pace torpid.
    • I don't care if it's part of underground culture or whatever other feeble excuse you've got, it's just plain rude.
    • However, those campaigns were no more than the feeble shouting of the weak, and did not impact the security and interests of other countries.
    • Anyway, on top of that well, I started getting these - I suppose ‘bad vibes’ is all I can describe them as, but that sounds so feeble.
    • I didn't want to ask to sleep next to her because the words sounded feeble in my head, like a child was saying them.