Translation of feeder in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈfiːdə//ˈfidər/


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    • 1.1(eater)

      he's/it's a good/heavy/slow feeder come bien/mucho/despacio
      • Sea bream have a reputation for being delicate feeders.
      • Despite being a member of the carp family, crucians are much more delicate feeders than their larger cousins.
      • Isolated predators were no more vulnerable than herbivores or detritus feeders.
      • As any angler will tell you, these fish are extremely opportunistic feeders and will take just about anything edible that they find.
      • Bream are daytime feeders and are often missed by anglers in other parts of the country where night fishing is the norm.
      • Abundant terrestrial gastropods found clustered around fossil plant detritus may have been deposit feeders scavenging dry portions of channel floors.
      • Most ophiuroids are scavengers and detritus feeders, although they also prey on small live animals such as small crustaceans and worms.
      • Opportunistic feeders, sea lions will eat salmon, flatfish, herring, octopus, cod, pollock whatever they can catch.
      • All squids are highly predatory, they are big feeders on crustacean, fish.
      • Mackerel are relatively indiscriminate plankton feeders and will take just about anything that they can fit into their mouths.
      • They are an opportunist feeder; it just relies on you, the angler, to give them that opportunity.
      • The fact that they are harmless plankton feeders in no way diminishes the adrenaline rush; the ease with which you can approach them makes that rare encounter even more exciting.
      • These snakes are opportunistic feeders and never let a chance go by, so in went the second one.
      • Pike that are patrolling the margins of islands, for example, are not necessarily actively feeding, they could be opportunist feeders and might thereby snap up a well-positioned bait.
      • Unlike most starfish which are actively carnivorous, it is thought to be a plankton feeder.
      • Remember, wild trout remain opportunistic feeders and will have a go at anything which does not seem a threat and appears before them in considerable number.
      • Cod are voracious feeders sometimes and will pick up a multitude of offerings in certain places and at various times of the season, so whatever you use, do make sure it is in the best possible condition.
      • The whale shark, the biggest fish on earth, is a plankton feeder and harmless to divers.

    • 1.2US (animal for fattening)

      animal de engorde masculine
      animal de engorda masculine Mexico Chile

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    • 2.1(on machine)

      alimentador masculine
      (pipe) (before noun) de alimentación
      • He didn't have to worry about checking the feeder's supply.
      • Many processors use a fruit feeder to add inclusions to the ice cream mix.
      • The normal wire feeder and power supply used for aluminum welding will be suitable for welding magnesium.
      • The question is all the more relevant since many of these devices also have a document feeder, a memory card reader, a color fax, etc.
      • At lunch time the engine driver and the mill feeder had their lunch first and then while the others ate their lunch the driver oiled up the machine.
      • It's also a noticeably faster process using the document feeder - even if just a series of one-page results are being scanned into different charts.
      • But it also has a 50-sheet paper feeder, a feature that usually comes on multifunction devices at a significantly higher cost.
      • Material entering the feeder becomes locked between the disks and is conveyed around to a discharge point as the spool rotates.

    • 2.2(for livestock, chickens)

      comedero masculine
      • The garden will include a weather station and compost bins, plus bird and animal feeders.
      • Take over a bird feeder and keep it filled with birdseed.
      • Hummingbirds often fly in to feeders just a few feet from them.
      • We once had a hummingbird feeder, but I guess we're too far north.
      • Remove bird feeders, including hummingbird feeders, if bears are present.
      • Many of these birds turn to feeders only when they cannot find their own food.
      • Some flocks may stay together through the breeding season as well, and birds will use bird feeders year round.
      • The birds at my home are very active and I have house finches galore on my feeder.
      • They are one of the most prevalent birds at our feeders, especially if we offer thistle seed.
      • Mother has a green house out there and there's an automated feeder for the deer who come into town foraging.
      • Food for birds can be placed on a bird table, in feeders or on the ground.
      • At each site, we additionally installed two feeders filled with a commercially sold mixture of seeds for captive birds.
      • The best thing to do when this occurs is remove finch feeders and thoroughly clean them.
      • During this past long and drawn-out winter, watching the birds at our feeders was a daily pleasure.
      • I'm generally not a big fan of hummingbird feeders.
      • Squirrel feeders and other animal feeders are widely available.
      • You could build bird tables, nest boxes or bird feeders, plant some wildlife friendly plants, and put out food and water.
      • Bird feeders, and those that maintain them, play an invaluable role in the sustenance of countless birds otherwise threatened by dwindling habitat and resources.
      • I always appreciate and enjoy the letters and notes you send along, as well as photos of birds at your feeders or perched in a tree.
      • My mother was in the background that afternoon, doing the brunch dishes and offering more coffee, weeding the garden and filling the bird feeder.

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    Television Radio
    alimentador masculine
    línea de alimentación feminine
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    this stream is a feeder flowing into the river este riachuelo es un afluente del río
    • this is a feeder to the main road esta carretera / este ramal desemboca en la carretera principal
    • That the river that runs through Mayobridge is a feeder to the Clanrye river that flows through Newry.
    • I am aware that otters, an excellent indicator of good water quality, are returning to the feeder stream and the lake that Mr Dixon alleges is being poisoned.
    • She wondered why salmon were disappearing from the little creek behind her house, a feeder stream of the Columbia River.
    • With the first big rain of the year, a torrent of mud, silt, and debris had swept down the feeder stream.
    • And while proclaiming the best fishing spot is a sure way to start an argument in Minnesota, the river and its feeder streams are hard to beat for native trout.
    • Even when his dad caught a nine-pound brown trout on a small feeder stream, it didn't cause much excitement around town.
    • I suppose it could have got in from the feeder stream.