Translation of feel in Spanish:


sentirse, v.

Pronunciation /fiːl//fil/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (person) sentirse
      (person) encontrarse
      how do you feel/ how are you feeling? ¿cómo / qué tal te encuentras / te sientes?
      • I feel ill/fine me encuentro / estoy / me siento mal/bien
      • you'll feel all the better for a hot bath ya verás cómo te sientes / te encuentras mucho mejor después de un baño caliente
      • to feel hot/cold/hungry/thirsty tener calor/frío/hambre/sed
      • he began to feel hot/cold empezó a sentir calor/frío
      • to feel tired estar / encontrarse / sentirse cansado
      • I feel as if / as though I'm going to faint siento como si me fuera a desmayar
      • to feel oneself
      • I wasn't feeling quite myself no sé qué me pasó
      • we'll discuss it again when you're feeling more yourself lo volveremos a hablar cuando estés mejor
      • When I think about it, I just feel horribly guilty.
      • Reading a diary - even if its author is several hundred years dead - sometimes feels voyeuristic.
      • I have just been down to Myrtle Walk and felt physically sickened by its filthy, dilapidated state.
      • Do you ever feel uncomfortable leaving a comment on a blog you've never commented on before?
      • We also aim to make parents feel more confident.
      • Can the reader feel pity and terror for Macbeth?
      • Does this mean I have to find friends that make me feel inferior?
      • We like people to settle in, make it their own and feel comfortable.
      • In general, respondents felt confident in their abilities to deal with alcohol problems.
      • However, she felt a twinge of disappointment when she couldn't see him.
      • She almost felt ashamed for it, though she knew she shouldn't.
      • I felt dizzy from standing so quickly when I had gotten out of bed.
      • I wasn't really concentrating and I wasn't feeling myself.
      • All the swallowing has made me feel ill and keeping anything down is hard.
      • Many women feel uneasy about taking medications during pregnancy.
      • Two decades ago she was a highly driven academic - until the fateful morning when she got out of bed feeling not quite herself.
      • However, not all SFU students feel so strongly about the issue.
      • Training supported by a mentoring programme and a help desk can help staff feel more secure.
      • I felt like a failure and ate more, only making me feel worse.
      • He made me feel welcome when I came back from my injury, too.
      • Maybe you should do something nice for her, to make her feel special.
      • Reddish tints gleamed in her hair, and he felt the urge to run his hands through it.
      • He felt a strong urge to run, but his friends were in there.
      • She forced herself to refocus on what was going on in front of her and suddenly felt at ease.
      • It can take several minutes to complete the mayonnaise, by which time your whisking arm will feel dead.
      • He might feel shock or surprise or perhaps amusement, and I did not want my gift to give rise to any of these thoughts in him.
      • They both grinned at me and I suddenly felt uncomfortable under their gazes.
      • She pulled herself up using the wall as a support, still feeling dizzy.

    • 1.2

      my arm feels stiff tengo el brazo entumecido
      • my eyes feel itchy me pican los ojos
      • my legs felt like jelly me temblaban las piernas

  • 2

    (emotionally, mentally, morally)
    to feel sad/nervous sentirse / estar triste/nervioso
    • she feels old se siente vieja
    • I don't feel any different/older no me siento diferente/más viejo
    • I feel (like) a complete idiot me siento como un perfecto imbécil
    • I felt (like) a new man/woman after my vacation me sentí como nuevo/nueva después de mis vacaciones
    • I feel as if / as though / like I've been away for ages tengo la sensación de haber estado fuera mil años
    • we feel very pleased that she is back estamos muy contentos de que haya vuelto
    • feel free to call at any time no deje de llamar cuando quiera
    • imagine how I felt! imagínate cómo me sentí
    • how do you feel about your parents' divorce? ¿cómo has tomado el divorcio de tus padres?
    • how would you feel about Smith as president? ¿qué te parecería que Smith fuera el presidente?
    • it feels wonderful to be back es maravilloso estar de vuelta
    • if it feels good, do it si te apetece, hazlo
    • I feel bad about not having asked her me da no sé qué no haberla invitado
    • how does it feel? ¿qué se siente?
    • what does it feel like? ¿qué se siente?
    • The survey highlighted that 68 per cent of the residents feel safer now than they did before the Neighbourhood Wardens started.
    • But, just a few months shy of his 28th birthday, as well as reaching his peak physically, he feels that he is at his mental best, too.
    • The capital side have been excelling in ladies football for the past few seasons, however this team now feels capable of taking on anyone.
    • Perhaps in some way they feel abandoned and search for someone who is always going to need them.
    • After losing more than a stone since the Open, he also feels in the best physical shape of his life.
    • They had felt capable of carrying out the work which was being sought.
    • But following off-season surgery to his wrist and shoulder, he feels ready for the physical demands of Super League.
    • Parents feel helpless in today's changing world and wonder how to cope with the truant child.
    • When you feel comfortable on one foot with your eyes open, close them.
    • I twisted my hair up in a knot and suddenly, in the soft light, felt quite beautiful.
    • These are the people who rock up to class each week just because it makes them feel dead sexy.
    • Her people are crying in front of her and she felt out of place.
    • I feel better and more capable, and more attractive now than I have ever felt in my life.
    • There's no gate at the entrance and students just don't feel safe.
    • The only thing I felt capable of doing was locking myself in a room and making a record.
    • It was helpful, but I felt a failure if I couldn't make him fall around laughing.
    • Jones says it is not just about dealing with employees that feel under pressure.
    • He pulled his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around his legs feeling very out of place.
  • 3

    (have opinion)
    I feel that ... opino / creo que ...
    • it's something I feel strongly about es algo que me parece muy importante
    • how do you feel about going to Rome this summer? ¿qué te parecería si fuéramos a Roma este verano?
    • how do you feel about these changes? ¿qué opinas de / qué te parecen estos cambios?
    • I won't feel any differently no voy a cambiar de opinión / de parecer
  • 4

    to feel like sth
    • I feel like a cup of tea me apetece una taza de té
    • to feel like -ing tener ganas de + inf
    • I feel like watching TV tengo ganas de ver la televisión
    • you'll feel more like working when you've had a rest tendrás más ganas de trabajar cuando hayas descansado
    • come tomorrow if you feel like it ven mañana si te apetece
  • 5

    (seem, give impression of being)
    her skin felt very smooth tenía la piel muy suave al tacto
    • your hands feel cold tienes las manos frías
    • the water feels very chilly at first el agua parece muy fría al principio
    • it feels cold outside hace frío afuera
    • it feels like silk parece seda al tacto / al tocarlo
    • how does that feel? — it's still too tight ¿cómo lo sientes? — todavía me queda apretado
    • the patient's pulse felt normal el pulso del paciente parecía normal
    • it feels as if / as though / like it's going to rain parece como que quiere llover
    • it feels like rain parece que va a llover
    • it feels like spring parece que estuviéramos en primavera
  • 6

    (search, grope)
    to feel for sth
    • he felt for the alarm clock buscó a tientas el despertador
    • he felt in his pocket for his lighter se llevó la mano al bolsillo buscando el mechero
    • she felt (about / around) in her bag for her keys rebuscó las llaves en el bolso
    • She ran a hand through her hair and felt the cut where she had been roughed up by Derek.
    • Yeah, he was just feeling you up and getting off with you!
    • In the afternoon Burginde rummaged amongst our wool sacks, feeling with her hands how much carded fleece was left.
    • Head to the first floor where the exhibitors have taken individual rooms to get you to see, touch, and feel the products.
    • I felt around under the bed for some kind of weapon: if they made one more move on him it'd be their last.
    • Mac ran a hand over his short hair, then gently felt the bump on the back of his head.
    • But if you were felt up at a high school party because you got a little too drunk to say no, maybe we should put you in jail.
    • While waiting in queue to buy their tickets, they were mobbed by local men, who manhandled them, pushed them into a corner, pressed against them and felt them up.
    • He taught me and my sister backgammon and felt us up.
    • So, if you want to get close, maybe try to feel out her worldview before you feel her up.
    • I just keep feeling the hair in the back there and trying to get all the hair on the back of my neck off.
    • We start making out and I started feeling her up.
    • On her way down the stairs she felt inside her pocket to make sure she still had the keys.
    • I spin my head to see who felt me up, and it's just a woman with no distinguishable features who looks like she's on her way to work too.
    • They groped us, felt us up and thrust their pelvic regions into our backsides.
    • He backed away from the couch, and felt for the light switch.
    • I felt around and found some old newspapers and tried to cover myself.
    • After Evan had felt me up, I really didn't like people touching me.
    • He wants you all to himself, he doesn't even like other people looking at you, much less feeling you up,’ he said in a sexy voice, and pulled her close to him.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (body/surface) tocar
    (body/surface) palpar
    feel my forehead: it's burning tócame la frente: la tengo ardiendo
    • to feel one's way ir a tientas
    • the blind man felt his way to the exit el ciego fue a tientas hasta la salida
    • they're still feeling their way toward a solution siguen tratando de encontrar una solución
    • I'm still feeling my way around in the job todavía me estoy familiarizando con el trabajo
  • 2

    (force/movement/sensation) sentir
    I couldn't feel my fingers no sentía los dedos
    • he felt the bed move sintió moverse la cama / que la cama se movía
    • I can feel my heart beating siento como me late el corazón
  • 3

    (indignation/shame) sentir
    I felt the anger rise up in me sentí que me hervía la sangre
    • do you feel anything for her? ¿sientes algo por ella?
  • 4

    (be affected by)
    old people feel the cold more than we do los ancianos sienten más el frío que nosotros
    • she really felt her mother's death la muerte de su madre la afectó profundamente
    • the consequences will be felt for a long time to come las consecuencias se sentirán / se notarán durante mucho tiempo
  • 5

    to feel sb/sth to + inf
    • he felt himself to be a burden on his family se sentía una carga para su familia
    • I feel it important to warn you creo / considero que es importante advertirte
    • it was felt necessary to introduce new legislation se creyó / se consideró necesario introducir nueva legislación
    • she feels (that) the financial aspects are being neglected considera / cree que se están descuidando los aspectos financieros
    • she feels very strongly that ... está absolutamente convencida de que ...
    • it is felt by many that ... mucha gente considera que / es de la opinión de que ...
    • the exam was unfair — that's just what I feel el examen fue injusto — lo mismo pienso yo


  • 1

    sensación feminine
    judging by the feel of it ... a juzgar por la sensación que da al tocarlo ...
    • I love the feel of the wind on my face me encanta sentir el viento en la cara
    • this cotton has a smooth feel (to it) este algodón es muy suave al tacto / tiene un tacto muy suave
  • 2

    to have a feel of sth tocar algo
  • 3

    (atmosphere, style, of house, room)
    ambiente masculine
    try to render the feel of the poem trata de transmitir el estilo del poema
    • this music has a baroque feel to it esta música tiene un aire barroco
  • 4

    (instinct, sympathy)
    sensibilidad feminine
    to have a feel for sth tener sensibilidad para algo
  • 5

    to get the feel of sth familiarizarse con algo
    • she still has not got the feel of the keyboard todavía no se ha acostumbrado al teclado / no se ha familiarizado con el teclado