Translation of feeler in Spanish:


antena, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfiːlə//ˈfilər/


  • 1

    (antenna) antena feminine
    (tentacle) tentáculo masculine
    • But we managed to find a pair of feelers, which protruded from a hole.
    • Just one little insect with feelers can put paid to that…
    • If nothing else, those with purple feelers are less likely to want to be out in freezing weather, to pick a trivial example.
    • I watched its mouthpart feelers rapidly go to work on the succour and it was quickly rejuvenated.
    • Then the wasps fly back to the nest and plaster the pulp in place, spreading the material carefully with their jaws, stopping every few minutes to test the layer with their feelers to make sure it's the right thickness.
    • And I saw a bee the size of my thumb in the nest, waving feelers at me angrily.
    • These things now have legs, feelers, and everything.
    • The tip of the snout is expanded into a naked pink disc which supports 22 finger-like tentacles or feelers which give this creature its name.
    • Like all lobsters, he has ten legs and two claws (the right slightly larger than the left), and two pairs of antennae or feelers.
    • Insects have optimized this principle: With long feelers making circular movements they investigate their surroundings and are able to negotiate even extremely difficult terrain.
  • 2

    (tentative approach)
    to put out a feeler or feelers tantear el terreno
    • I'll put out my feelers and see what I can do voy a tantear el terreno para ver lo que puedo hacer