Translation of feint in Spanish:


finta, n.

Pronunciation: /feɪnt//feɪnt/


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    • 1.1Sport

      finta feminine
      to make a feint hacer una finta
      • The self-absorbed men take center stage via a series of furtive crouches, runs, hops, and boxing feints.
      • If the attack is commenced when the opponent's blade is not in line, the attack may be completed either direct, or by one disengagement or by a cut-over, or else be preceded by successful feints which oblige the opponent to parry.
      • I thought I gained my respect early and the guy saw that all those feints and tricks were not working.
      • Both players attempt to control the space by confusing the opponent with feints and deceptive moves.
      • Your opponent makes a feint to your six, then hits your eight with a simple lunge.

    • 1.2Military

      amago masculine
      to make a feint hacer una finta
      • Account should be taken at the same time of enemy methods of feints and other stratagems.
      • The German High Command, viewing the Normandy attack as a feint, failed until too late to commit their armored reserves.
      • A feint can force your enemy to tie down huge amounts of forces to protect against an attack that never comes.
      • Fix the enemy in place using skirmishes, artillery, feints, and demonstrations while probing his lines.
      • In a more narrow sense, the use of strategy may be seen in demonstrations and feints that surprise the enemy by hitting him where he is unprepared.

      de ataque, maniobra

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    (on paper)
    narrow feint (masculine plural) renglones estrechos
    • feint-ruled paper papel rayado / pautado / con renglones

intransitive verb

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    fintear Latin America
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