Translation of felicitous in Spanish:


oportuno, adj.

Pronunciation /fəˈlɪsədəs//fɪˈlɪsɪtəs/



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    • This makes it a happy hunting ground for anyone with the felicitous habit of looking at the lighter side of life.
    • Perhaps because Thérèse stands, to borrow Oscar Wilde's felicitous phrase (which he applied to himself), in symbolic relation to the culture of her age.
    • Perhaps, then, we should concede that a better word, a more felicitous description, would have been merely ‘dubious’.
    • Finally, there remains the option of teaching taste - of training the bureaucracy in a felicitous mode of embodied expression and educating the polity to appreciate and respond to it.
    • Has there ever been an economist with a more felicitous turn of phrase?
    • Conceptually that was quite accurate, even if it was not the most felicitous choice of words.
    • But his felicitous use of idiom gives no clue of this.
    • They rely heavily on felicitous coincidence for the plots, and the character development is cartoonish.
    • However, grimly amusing as this spectacle is, the political reality behind these appointments may be less felicitous.
    • Or, to use the felicitous phrase of the late Northrop Frye, everything in the Scriptures is self-referential.
    • If one were to consider the inputs from the existing school system into a child's scientific thinking, felicitous use of language, competence to search for information and to work out solutions, one would find them too little and too late.
    • While there are glimpses of felicitous dialogue, there is no chemistry between these two characters to distract from the play's weak dramatic structure.
    • I have always felt that I manifest a felicitous combination of his compassion and her boundaries.
    • This gives the writer some of his most felicitous moments as he considers a series of eccentric individualists who gave their lives to the weather.
    • Despite the messiness inherent in natural systems, evolution has produced ‘machines of extreme perfection,’ to use Darwin's felicitous phrase.
    • Well-known as a felicitous writer of amusing features, he was just hitting his stride as a serious and ambitious chronicler of the political convulsions seizing the Islamic world.
    • To adapt Benedict Anderson's felicitous phrase, hockey is one cultural activity through which Canadians are often said to imagine their community.
    • A felicitous mix of fun and entertainment it was.