Translation of feminine in Spanish:


femenino, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfɛmənən//ˈfɛmɪnɪn/


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    (of or like a woman)
    (hygiene/protection) íntimo euphemistic
    • I don't mind if either ‘society’ or the custodians of Standard English have decided that we should stop using feminine versions of nouns for occupations.
    • Violence remains a potential threat beneath the appearance of feminine softness and the protestations of peace and benevolence.
    • A subtle feminine touch is given by using soft shades and delicate embroidery.
    • ‘She's still very feminine, enjoying shopping and praising traditional female virtues such as gentleness and love’.
    • The season's clothes are feminine, pretty and anything but solid black, a dominant colour of many earlier seasons.
    • My voice had returned to its usual feminine tones.
    • In the 1960s, young womanhood was defined as essentially concerned with a feminine appearance and attracting the admiring male gaze.
    • She was a woman of about thirty years of age, dressed poorly, in old garments, but still with decency, and with some attempt at feminine prettiness.
    • It had been accomplished by defining masculine and feminine in new ways.
    • Its methods should encompass intuition, emotional engagement, and other cognitive styles associated with a feminine sensibility.
    • Amarelle's eyebrows were thick - but they were feminine and pretty!
    • And without further adieu, Mr. Smith sauntered away in a saucy walk that had a distinct feminine quality to it.
    • This, coupled with their pop music style and stereotypically feminine appearance, allowed them to be angry without being threatening.
    • In too many cases, popular games feature animated female characters scantily clad and with exaggerated feminine attributes.
    • ‘Some people might think it's a bit feminine,’ he says doubtfully.
    • Conversely, women who do not conform to the caring and nurturing feminine stereotype could encounter gender discrimination in the workplace.
    • Both were excellent fund-raisers among the wealthy, and they kept up feminine appearances by favouring Parisian fashions.
    • To be honest, he looked pretty hot, though a little more feminine than my tastes run to usually.
    • They were pretty eyes, almost feminine, he decided, and it was probably that.
    • All gender traits, feminine and masculine, must be valued but not assigned.
    • The pink also gives it a more feminine and ladylike quality.
    • It had a feminine girlish quality in the cut, but a bold, womanly quality in color.
    • Granted, it's not the same, but players are more feminine in their appearance nowadays; some shave their legs or manicure their nails.
    • Rooms for feminine use look pretty and romantic in lacy textures or soft, out-of-focus florals in misty tones.
    • Of course feminine strength, feminine power across gender isn't accorded value in the way that masculine strength and power are valorized.
    • That ironical note is not only daily apparent in real life; it sets the whole tone of feminine fiction.
    • Far from passively accepting objectification as a second-rate climber because of her sex, she conceived her strong feminine gender identity as an asset.
    • The feminine mystique continues to fascinate both men and women.
    • The main problem with this view is that it is scripted in the presumptuous notion that anyone perceived as pretty, feminine or sexy is playing a specific role, universally understood by all.
    • There was the glass ceiling, the unequal pay, and while feminine qualities of leadership transformed the work world, they did so often at a cost to personal life.
    • Removing the board gently, he reached down into the hollow and retrieved a bundle of papers covered edge-to-edge in a pretty, feminine hand.
    • The binary and fixed construction of masculine and feminine gender identities is strictly enforced through history, religions, and popular culture.
    • The two paintings that Sala feels the strongest affinity for are the most recent and most overtly feminine ones.
    • Her obsession with feminine appearance indicates the degree to which she internalized and responded to the social codes of her day.
    • She can compete with men in the work environment, raise her children if she so chooses, and maintain her feminine qualities as she accomplishes all of this.
    • The trick to wearing androgynous attire with flair is to somehow still look feminine.
    • In fact, some of the feminine qualities celebrated by many Victorians were increasingly cast in a negative light for both boys and girls.
    • The feminine side of me wants humanistic evaluations of interesting female people in the news, written by well-bred, well educated women.
    • The voice was a man, and almost familiar, but it had a quiet, feminine quality to it that Ethan hadn't ever heard in a man's voice before.
    • Even within her marriage, Cleo will not give up her individual power and perform stereotypically passive feminine gender roles.
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    (article/suffix/noun) femenino
    • In the Arabic language, a feminine pronoun is generally used in such instances.
    • This North Queensland language has four genders: masculine, feminine, edible and neuter.
    • To be sure, it may be the case, in a gender language, that male and female persons will be designated by nouns of masculine and feminine gender, respectively.
    • Sometimes, even its indeclinable adjectives had their cases: nominative singular masculine wise and accusative feminine plural wise, etc.
    • Instead of giving the answer, the teacher split the class into male and female groups and asked them to decide for themselves whether computer should be a masculine or a feminine noun.
    • A college class was discussing the fact that nouns in some foreign languages are either of masculine or feminine gender.
    • In Arabic grammar there are certain rules and criteria for feminine gender.
    • The word death in Polish is a feminine noun, and is thought of as a tall woman draped in white.
    • Now you might argue, so why do you need a feminine suffix of the numeral when you have a noun which is masculine?
    • English is a great language - no masculine and feminine nouns, fewer tenses to our verbs and loads of nouns.
    • Older and more conservative users of the language often claim this is gender-neutral: that it will be understood to include the feminine gender as well as the masculine.
    • Do Spanish adjectives have masculine and feminine forms?
    • If he's memorizing French vocab, ask him if he knows the difference between masculine and feminine nouns.


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    (noun etc)
    femenino masculine
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    (in) the feminine (en) el femenino