Translation of feminist in Spanish:


feminista, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈfɛmənəst//ˈfɛmənɪst/


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    (masculine and feminine) feminista


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    the feminist movement el feminismo
    • For most feminists, and for the public, feminism had come to mean the vote for women and little more.
    • The personal is political all right - but not quite in the way feminists once thought.
    • It is a festival that feminists would love to strike out completely from the history of a nation.
    • A feminist is simply someone that supports true equality, and many men are feminists.
    • She makes the personal into art long before feminists came to call it political.
    • Melanie points out that today's feminists are still grappling with the questions of the nineteenth century.
    • The first protests by feminists were against how the nationalists defined the role of women.
    • The comments drew a mixed reaction from feminists and women writers.
    • The second part of that equation seems to have been abandoned by feminists early on.
    • Modern feminists don't want to trade in their femininity for drab power suits and a brief case.
    • There's a bit of a debate going on in feminist blogging circles about feminists, women and the left.
    • Mainstream media play a dominant role in the negative portrayal of feminists.
    • Of course, feminism and feminists have changed with the times, but the image is still of the seventies.
    • What are we as British feminists doing to support the right of all women to freedom from violence?
    • If it is the latter, the French feminists who support the ban have a point.
    • It is also assumed that the only possible reaction feminists can have to nationalism is rejection.
    • Equality feminists minimize the political significance of the biological attributes of women.
    • The other aspect to note is that it appears the goals of feminists on both sides of the globe are the same.
    • In more recent years, there has been a softening of the attitudes of feminists towards quantitative research.
    • The reaction to that on the part of male and female feminists is to stop thinking.