Translation of fender in Spanish:


guardafuegos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɛndər//ˈfɛndə/


  • 1

    (around fireplace)
    guardafuegos masculine
    • They all fell over and Carrie banged her head on the fender.
    • The fender and fireguard would then be replaced and the fire lit.
    • The ring's low height and shiny blackness suggest an experimental apparatus, but also evoke old-style fireplace fenders or circular railings in museums.
    • His elegantly designed candlesticks, fireplace fenders, and furniture, for example, often made use of identical components in different combinations.
    • There was a buffet beneath one window, and china closets flanked the fireplace where a fire crackled behind the fender.
    • The document listed coal scuttles, pokers, grates, and fenders, but only one set of andirons.
    • He also designed eminently practical and sleek kettles, firedogs, fenders and fire screens.
    • In the fireplace are a pair of brass andirons and a fender, American or English, dating from the early nineteenth century.
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    • 2.1(on boat)

      defensa feminine
      • Going through the locks was definitely a team effort, and we repeatedly blessed the 20 rubber fenders that literally circled our boat.
      • He was responsible for securing the fenders and stowing mooring ropes when the vessel left berth.
      • That's when the storm surge tests docklines and fenders, while the sheeting rain searches out all those small cabin leaks you'd intended to caulk last fall.
      • ‘The new vessels have higher decks so need higher fenders,’ he explained, adding that separate contracts for a new linkspan and passenger walkway had still to be settled.
      • Two Belgian sailors have also been rewarded for jumping into the River Thames to rescue a woman hanging from a fender between the Belgian warships last summer.
      • It was being towed into the dock when the line parted and the bow swung round, hitting a wooden fender on the berth, leaving the vessel with a gaping gash on its forward end.
      • Alongside these is a second small plastic box containing some spare rope, fuel funnel and two small fenders.
      • They had called us on the radio to let us know where we'd be on the ship so we could put our fenders out and get our lines ready.
      • Mollusc contamination affected the barge and tug, some tyres and other fenders.
      • Always stay away from the dam side and use the time to hang fenders on the side of the boat where the lock house is and watch the light by the lock house.
      • The five rescued people had clung to plastic drums which the boat used as fenders.
      • The ‘greenhouse’ (the driver compartment, including the slope of the rear window), side panels, fenders, hoods, and rear decks are identical.
      • Following the starboard side further forward, a pair of old rubber tyre fenders are still attached to the rail.
      • The first Quay slabs were cast in August and fitting of bollards and fenders along the Quay Wall are proceeding.
      • Take your boat to an empty space and do some man overboard drills with a fender, or practice backing up to a race mark.

    • 2.2US (on car)

      guardabarros masculine
      salpicadera feminine Mexico
      tapabarro(s) masculine Peru Chile

    • 2.3(on bicycle)

      guardabarros masculine
      salpicadera feminine Mexico
      tapabarro(s) masculine Peru Chile
      • Chainguards and mudguards, or fenders (U.S.), protect clothes and moving parts from oil and spray.
      • A crisp line runs the length of the vehicle from bulging front fenders to bulging rear fenders, even dissecting the fuel filler cover.
      • Contact between the fender and wheel could cause the rider to lose control.
      • In this case, we notified the engineers of the fender and hood, as well as the supplier of a plastic attachment in the wheel well.
      • The internal panel protection ensures lifetime protection for door panels, back fenders and boot from corrosion.
      • The body panels, including the doors, the fenders, the hood and the tailgate are of course among the most vulnerable.
      • And giving the vehicle a confident, broad-shouldered attitude are its wheels that had been aligned on the same place as the outer edges of its fenders.
      • In fact, when you look at the body applications in the U.S., as compared with the doors, hoods, fenders, and deck lids produced for European manufacturers, the difference is nothing short of astonishing.
      • One, starting at the headlight, forms a curve (upward over the fender area, downward along the door, then back up and down on the rear quarter) that is said to be reminiscent of the beltline of a classic roadster.
      • Rolling a rock in the street doesn't cause you to dent a fender in somebody's car.
      • While using Japanese touches, the vehicles will have European-style sharp lines on side panels, flared fenders over the wheels, and sloping windshields that accentuate airflow over the body.
      • You pour hydrochloric acid on a car fender and it will eat a hole in it.
      • That could have value in the study and design of energy-absorbing materials for packaging, vehicle fenders, and more.
      • There were at least 30 other cyclists already there, all in full-body rain suits, their mountain bikes equipped with fenders and mudflaps, bike lights, and giant saddlebags.
      • They chewed the fenders, ripped the wheel-arch out, chewed the bumper, bonnet, fender and all four doors.
      • The bomb was left under the left fender of the car, which was parked near to the home of its owner, a former police officer.
      • Suspension, spoilers, front and rear fenders, tailgate, hoods, hubcaps, electrical parts, engine parts and many others are the best in the industry.
      • I know it's awful, but what I think about is not Richard, my best friend until I was eleven, but the gum I left under the fender of his family's stationwagon.
      • Overhangs are kept short, though the changing radii of the curved sections between the fenders and bumper faces make them look shorter still.
      • Deposits of mud, rock or other debris must be cleaned from a vehicle's fenders, body and undercarriage before it may travel along highways.

    • 2.4(on train, street car)

      quitapiedras masculine