Translation of Ferris wheel in Spanish:

Ferris wheel

Pronunciation /ˈfɛrəs ˌ(h)wil//ˈfɛrɪs/


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    • The boardwalk was alight with rides, stands, and a giant Ferris wheel.
    • Instead of Italian elegance, Venice became known as the playground of the Pacific, with balloon rides, Ferris wheels and arcades.
    • Even the giant Ferris wheel on the River Thames, now a big hit, was shut down for months because of loose widgets, or some such.
    • I was expecting the largest Ferris wheel, but it was apparently the oldest Ferris wheel.
    • It will be based on the north-side of the River Suir for the week and will feature Ireland's biggest roller coaster and a giant Ferris wheel that will provide some of the best views of the fleet of tall ships.
    • Film the museum you visited or the Ferris wheel you rode.
    • In fact, the famed Brooklyn amusement park is a recurring motif in these paintings that feature carousel horses, Ferris wheels, fireworks, rockets and extravagant fantasy architecture.
    • A giant seesaw took the place of the Ferris wheel that had been a symbol of the Chicago fair.
    • There will be rides in the park here, like the Ferris wheel and stuff, as well as carnival games.
    • Entry to the centre is free and the entertainment includes pony rides, a Ferris wheel, carousels, a mini train, face painters and circus acts, among other fun things to do.
    • We can hear distant screams of excitement and fear, and the strains of a rock song coming from the carnival at the far end, which has roller coasters and Ferris wheels sprouting up every so often.
    • Instead they were waiting patiently - and soberly - for a ride on the Ferris wheel, punching each other playfully and teasing about girlie things.
    • It's virtually a fun fair at Tableland now, with games stalls, buggy rides, Ferris wheels, snack shops and other rides being available.
    • At one point I found myself riding the Ferris wheel in Dam Square trying to see how fast I could spin the bucket.
    • In Fun Fair Zone, kids and the young-at-heart can enjoy rides and activities in the festival's spacious Fun Park, which includes Ferris wheels, carousel and the water-dunking game.
    • The last ride of the evening was the giant Ferris wheel.
    • It was a pure stroke of luck that our last ride was near the giant Ferris wheel and we sank down onto the rocking metal seats with relief.
    • One company wants to build a giant Ferris wheel which would whisk people 177 ft above the National Railway Museum.
    • At the film's beginning, the juvenile protagonists ride a Ferris wheel and fantasize about traveling to the sea, a child-like sentiment never to be repeated.
    • No visit to the carnival is complete with a ride on the Ferris wheel.