Translation of festive in Spanish:


festivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfɛstɪv//ˈfɛstɪv/


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    the festive season las Navidades
    • we were in a festive mood estábamos muy alegres
    • I was really looking forward to having a break over the festive season.
    • Officers believe the mild weather over the festive season helped keep the number of road casualties down.
    • That's a sure sign that the festive season is less than two months away.
    • It is aimed at giving the homeless a roof over their heads during the festive season, as well as hot food and a place to sleep.
    • Local pubs and clubs are doing their bit to keep their people safe on the roads during the festive season.
    • Thieves are also looking out for Christmas treats and could ruin the festive season for many.
    • Yes we are going to Mexico for two whole weeks over the festive season.
    • His coachbuilder father, who was born during the festive season, was called Christmas.
    • The York animal home is now closed until the new year and no animals will be re-homed during the festive season.
    • The day before Christmas Eve my washer/dryer decided to take the festive season off.
    • Buying presents for other people is generally considered the biggest hurdle of the festive season.
    • Merry Christmas to you all and all the best for a fantastic festive season with friends and loved ones!
    • Since we neared the festive season of Christmas parties have been going on nonstop.
    • As the New Year opens up before us, locals are shaking off the cobwebs of the festive season.
    • The district carol service and our own Marks and Spencer at Christmas remind us the festive season is nearly here.
    • One of the great traditions of the festive season in the UK is the Christmas pantomime.
    • Many of us are no longer celebrating the birth of Christ over the festive season.
    • Surely this kind of mathematics has to have an impact on our purchases this festive season.
    • A Christmas tree has been erected every year on the Square for the festive season.
    • The final act of Christmas, it marks the end of the festive season, I guess.