Translation of festoon in Spanish:


adornar, v.

Pronunciation /fɛˈstuːn//fɛˈstun/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to festoon sth/sb (with sth) adornar / engalanar algo/a algn (con algo)


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    guirnalda feminine
    • To provide a festival spirit, the spiral-bound projects of the students replaced the banyan leaves as festoons.
    • Decorations often take up quite a bit of time at home, but the experts do it in a jiffy, for they have a range of colourful festoons and sprightly buntings in stock, all ready to be hung up at the party venue.
    • Meanwhile the factory of Joseph Terry and Sons Ltd was transformed by a lavish display of festoons, streamers and flags.
    • On this, the Swarovski crystal and pearls are strung like a festoon of flowers, with hanging clusters terminating in big pieces of aqua quartz.
    • It was a cosy atmosphere inside Coffee Pot, which was decked up with balloons, festoons and buntings, besides a decorated Christmas tree and crib set.
    • Only flicker bulbs and festoons were seen around the premises.
    • Every bedroom has its own Christmas tree and festoons of decorations.
    • Even statues of Annamayya and Ramanuja, leave alone those of Mahatma Gandhi and Ambedkar, are enveloped in yellow festoons.
    • Houses are decorated with colourful festoons, stars and cut-outs depicting the Lord Jesus' life and, of course, the quintessential Christmas tree.
    • I suspect they are a strictly local phenomenon, hanging around in festoons in The Weald.
    • Above it, pink nylon falls in decorative festoons around a chandelier hanging from the ceiling.
    • Today, we will not bat an eyelid when we see the festoons go up on February 14.
    • Non-biodegradable plastic festoons would decorate the medians and would pose an adventurous journey for road users.
    • They also paint them red, the colour of happiness, and string them in festoons for wedding decorations.
    • All streets leading to the holy river are decorated with colorful festoons and banners.
    • The road is decorated with colourful festoons whenever a new film is released and invariably there will be a mad rush for these movies.
    • The flag must not be used as a festoon, rosette or bunting or in any other manner of decoration.
    • Colourful festoons and flags marked the inauguration of Sanjeevanam by K.J. Yesudoss on Monday morning.
    • Both doors and windows were adorned with festoons that harmonized with the seats and were adorned with the monogram ‘JB,’ as were the porcelain jardinières in which Josephine put flowers.
    • The few trees that have been planted on the road side and road medians are utilised by political parties and companies to hang their banners and festoons, at the expense of their natural beauty.
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    Art Architecture
    festón masculine
    • Thereafter, ‘fine festoon candlesticks’ make fairly regular appearances, supplied to other clients, so disseminating a refined French style through the repertoire.
    • The painted body of the stately Beekman coach is adorned with the family's coat of arms, crest, and applied floral festoons.
    • At the centre of the front of Croker's enormous sideboard is a carved vase full of flowers flanked by great seaweedy festoons of fruit, flowers and foliage.
    • The mold-blown scallop shell vase in Plate XIII is decorated with festoons reminiscent of Phoenician glass.