Translation of fetters in Spanish:


grillos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɛtəz/

plural noun


  • 1

    grillos masculine
    the fetters of marriage las cadenas del matrimonio
    • As for public policy, I accept that there is an important public interest in discouraging restraints on trade, and maintaining free and open competition unencumbered by the fetters of restrictive covenants.
    • There might be times when the tactics infringe individual freedoms such as the freedom to travel without fetter or freedoms of speech.
    • Yes, and then the distinction between substantive fetters on powers and manner and form provisions that deal with the way in which powers are to be exercised is one that will come to the fore.
    • They should be freed from the political fetters and given full freedom to act impartially.
    • His final walk was through riot torn Noakhali, to heal the wounds inflicted by fanatics on his beloved motherland, as she prepared to cast off the fetters of slavery and discovered that her cruel captors had dismembered her.
    • For Faqir, it is the belief that all poetic expression can convey the ineffable, disclosing the nature of their inner being unalloyed by the fetters of religious and social convention.
    • It is a de facto fetter on the Minister's freedom to formulate policy in Government and the electorate's right to vote for parties espousing particular policies.
    • The libertarian position, that everything the government does to try to curb antisocial behaviour is an illegitimate fetter on personal liberty, seems to me to be quite wrong.
    • Virtually no legal fetters exist to curb the resort to force; international legal standards afford only minimal protection.
    • Provided it is made without fetter of confidence and so on.
    • It is contrary to the public interest because to admit such actions would place an undesirable fetter on freedom of speech.
    • It is said that the fetter on judicial review unlawfully discriminates against non-nationals on the ground of their nationality.
    • In such circumstances it would, I think, place a serious fetter on negotiations between other parties if they knew that everything that passed between them would ultimately have to be revealed to the one obdurate litigant.
    • But it cannot, nor does it attempt to, impose fetters on the obligations of police authorities to pass information between each other.
    • There are now new fetters on some of our freedoms, most we don't notice till we run into them.
    • There are strict fetters on the ability of the court to imply further terms.
    • To attempt to place upon the idea the fetters of an exact verbal formula could never have been sound.
    • In my judgment to impose such an obligation on a secured creditor would impose a serious fetter on the freedom of the secured creditor to exercise his power of sale over the charged property at the time and in the manner he chooses.
    • It could make a person, an artist even, that hypothetical cipher of freedom from drab social fetters, wonder if she has been doing what she wanted all along.
    • The Supreme Court has an obligation ‘to avoid putting fetters upon the future by needless pronouncements today.’