Translation of fiancée in Spanish:


prometida, n.

Pronunciation /fɪˈɒ̃seɪ//fiˈɑnseɪ//fɪˈɒnseɪ//ˌfiˌɑnˈseɪ//fɪˈɑːnseɪ/


  • 1

    prometida feminine
    novia feminine
    • Indeed, so determined was my mother that we should not marry, that she banned my fiancée from the family home in Worthing.
    • Whether disgruntled fiancées fed up at playing the waiting game will draw parallels between their menfolk and the baboons, skunks and pigs remains uncertain.
    • One tale tells of how in the time of Emperor ‘Claudius the Cruel,’ marriage was forbidden as men were unwilling to go to war leaving their wives, families or fiancées.
    • But that's politics-as soon as the writ is dropped, girlfriends become fiancées for the duration, to lend that air of maturity and permanence.
    • In due course his younger brother married his fiancée and succeeded as George V.
    • These values are not intended for current boyfriends, fiancées, siblings, your parents or any children under 10.
    • A Warminster soldier has been killed while serving in Iraq just months before he was set to marry his fiancée.
    • ‘It is the story of all the women left behind during the First World War - the sisters, the fiancées and the bereaved,’ said Jeannie.
    • Anyway, I want to get off the subject of fiancées and weddings.
    • Sadly, Ann didn't live long enough to see her son, Darren, and his fiancée Louise get married recently.
    • Edmund has now lost both of his fiancées and must submit to his own horrid fate.
    • This summer Hunter married his fiancée Lyndsey in a ceremony on Jamaica and is now settling down to married life.
    • Ironically, most of the disappointed fiancées said that their beloved had spent over $300 on the proposal (not counting the ring.)
    • And he is clinging to the hope that his fiancée, who he planned to marry in the summer, returns home safe and well.
    • He lives in Dublin and will be travelling to Lebanon in December to marry Lina, his Lebanese fiancée.
    • I imagine that in the big city, people are always intercepting their brothers' fiancées at the church door, but if you live in a small village, as I do, the prospect of this is hot stuff indeed.
    • ‘I've had two or three fiancées,’ he says, but no relationship has come close to the emotional commitment he's made to dance.
    • For example, until recently there was some provision for black men to be joined by their fiancées but much tighter controls on women wanting to bring their fiancés into the UK.
    • Over the past five years, 3,500 women from the Philippines alone have immigrated to Canada as fiancées or spouses of Canadian sponsors.
    • Seung-hun wanted to break his prior engagement with his fiancée to marry Hye-kyo.