Translation of fibula in Spanish:


peroné, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɪbjələ//ˈfɪbjʊlə/

nounPlural fibulae, Plural fibulas

  • 1

    peroné masculine
    • Chris, son of former Clarets manager and striker Frank, suffered a broken fibula, tibia and cruciate and ankle ligament damage.
    • The procedure involved the extraction of the lower jaw and its substitution by a bone transplant from the fibula of the patient.
    • Both the radius and ulna (forearm bones), and the tibia and fibula (shank bones), are fused to each other.
    • The lower end of the femur articulates at the knee joint with the tibia (shin bone); the fibula lies beside the tibia on the outer side of the lower leg.
    • Common sites are the tibia, fibula, metatarsals, lumbar spine (pars interarticularis), and the hip (proximal femur).