Translation of fiche in Spanish:


microficha, n.

Pronunciation /fiʃ//fiːʃ/


  • 1

    microficha feminine
    • Even with periodicals reduced to microfilm or fiche, spatial ordering in and among reels or file drawers represents time.
    • Inevitably, some libraries will simply discard the fiche and print, as machines available to read them fall into disrepair and users voice their preference for the digital edition's seductive searchability.
    • The company issues approximately 850,000 commercial policies per year and now has over 40 million policies on fiche, film and CD, along with stored instructional and policy manuals.
    • If you review it now, you will have time to get any documents not on the fiche in to PERSCOM.
    • It was a bittersweet pleasure to scroll through the 09/21/39 paper - I spent a lot of time reading the fiche a few years ago, and I haven't had the chance lately.
    • Each page lights up as a smaller green square as it scans (far right), until the entire fiche becomes green, signaling the last page.
    • Remember to be circumspect about the fact that the UK has access to the confidential fiches.
    • Irving's diary entry for the following day, 10 June 1992, records that he ‘illicitly borrowed the fiche we had found covering the weeks before the war broke out and took it out of the archives at lunch for copying.’
    • Books called the District keys to the New Zealand registration districts are associated with the birth and death fiche up till 1955.
    • Today over 80% of the world's data are born digital, not on paper, fiche, charts, films, or maps, meaning that its first occurrence is in a computer-generated format.
    • Next time I'm at the office I'll hit the fiche, and determine exactly how city councils or county commissioners ‘banned’ this movie.