Translation of fidelity in Spanish:


fidelidad, n.

Pronunciation /fɪˈdɛlɪti//fəˈdɛlədi/


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    (to cause, in marriage)
    fidelidad feminine
    • As technology improves, these documents will continually approach actual performance fidelity.
    • Marriage is still glamorous and still thought to include, as an aspiration, lifelong sexual fidelity.
    • When you have a repertoire of moves, you have fidelity in copying.
    • Children whose parents are split asunder by adultery have their assumptions about trust, fidelity and commitment greatly damaged.
    • One area in which men and women differ is the importance of their partner's sexual fidelity.
    • It is a method for maximizing fidelity and dynamic range for a region of interest within a digitized medical image display.
    • Young women were expected to show sexual fidelity to their dating partner, but males were not.
    • While he demonstrates admirable aural fidelity to the concept, ideally a more musically compelling evocation would have made a stronger impression.
    • Relationship experiences included status, selectiveness with partners, importance of steady partners, fidelity, and communication.
    • However, partner choice and partner fidelity can act independently of each other, and therefore the two mechanisms need to be distinguished.
    • Actually, this is a pretty decent mix sporting dynamic range and medium fidelity.
    • Signals of fidelity and sexual restraint will be of value in a long-term partner, as this will help to increase a male's confidence of paternity in invested offspring.
    • It would be unreasonable to expect a soundcard costing a few hundred dollars to approach the audio fidelity of a home system costing several times that amount.
    • The study also revealed that only 7 couples had actually maintained sexual fidelity and none of the seven had been together more than 5 years.
    • When was this promise of obedience and sexual fidelity made?
    • With the decline in traditional patriarchy came a more virulent emphasis on female sexual fidelity and greater idealization of family harmony.
    • Sexual fidelity, marriage, contraception, the Bible, all good.
    • The juxtaposition demonstrates the startling fidelity with which the director recreated his vision on screen.
    • People's attitudes to sexual fidelity vary widely.
    • The result is maximum fidelity: a picture whose clarity, brilliance and color must be seen to be believed.
    • The aspect of marriage that strikes me as most relevant to homosexual couples (especially men) is the promise of sexual fidelity.
    • The optical quality of the medium makes this fidelity possible by minimizing distortion.
    • The sound has apparently been cleaned up substantially and given the limited degree of fidelity, does a fine job conveying both the dialogue and the rather hypnotic background music.
    • It may even be possible for MP3 players to save energy by playing tunes at a slightly lower fidelity without a noticeable change in audio quality.
    • There's not a lot to report about this mix - it has little in the way of fidelity or dynamic range.
    • Sexual fidelity and honoring one's word (whether this involves a vow of marriage or a commitment to celibacy) go to the heart of who we are.
    • For all that we now quest for absolute fidelity in recordings, I like the comforting scratch of an old record.
    • Because the genetic complement of the resultant daughter cells must be the same as the parental cell, DNA replication must possess a very high degree of fidelity.
    • It's been accused of having marginal audio fidelity, easily scratched, too expensive and too easy to copy.
    • Generally, a husband and wife owe one another duties of mutual respect, fidelity and support.
    • Dynamic range and fidelity are only slightly present with most all of the soundstage filtering through the front and center speakers only.
    • She loved him, even though he was incapable of loyalty and fidelity and yet what choice did she have but to love him?
    • In fact, the history of AIDS in Uganda supports the Church's belief that abstinence and fidelity within marriage are actually the best ways to fight AIDS.
    • The difference in audio fidelity between the iTunes options and WMA is quite striking to anyone with a decent pair of ears.
    • Audio is Dolby Digital two-channel mono, with reasonable fidelity and a high degree of clarity.
    • Dynamic range and fidelity are limited by the source elements, but the sound does what is expected of it.
    • Is sexual fidelity simply an elaborate social contract to keep the peace?
    • The problem I have with the presumption - as distinct from the conscious, informed choice - of sexual fidelity is that I think it closes off one way of learning.
    • This provides a measure of the potential fidelity of paleoecological reconstructions based on small samples of avian remains.
    • Of course, sexual intimacy and fidelity between the sexes can be frustrating and exhausting, and particularly in a society which is increasingly predicated on other values.
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    fidelidad feminine