Translation of fifteenth in Spanish:


decimoquinto, adj.

Pronunciation /fɪfˈtinθ//fɪfˈtiːnθ//ˈfɪfˌtinθ/


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    see also fifth
    • This issue of the journal, the fifteenth in the New Series, contains contributions on an array of topics written by scholars in the United States, Spain, Italy and Australia.
    • ‘I think you made that clear sometime between the first and the fifteenth time you said it,’ he told me.
    • Yes, tomorrow is the fifteenth, you're quite right.
    • How can you judge a scientist from this century against somebody who was working in the fourteenth or fifteenth century?
    • They made another appointment for the fifteenth.
    • Around the fifteenth would be the best for me,’ she said and dug into her salad, Kat just stared at her.
    • The fair, as a harvest festival with distant pagan origins, takes place in the hot mid-September (the fifteenth, as we can work out from Henchard's great oath the next day).
    • Graham Barrow's side currently sit fifteenth in the League Two table.
    • We lost our fifteenth in Seattle, and I reached a decision.
    • Katie said for what felt like the fifteenth time that morning.
    • It was his birthday, his fifteenth, but there would be no celebration.
    • You get a healthy five episodes, which brings us to the fifteenth out of thirty-nine in the series.
    • She knew exactly which key to go to, counting the fifteenth in from the right.
    • It was their fifteenth year as a band and, after enduring some lean times commercially, they were now one of the biggest concert acts in the US.
    • By the fifteenth hole the crowds had started to form around this new sensation on the course.
    • ‘For the play on the fifteenth of December, we need people for the light and sound crew,’ I stated.
    • The emergence of colleges such as Winchester and Eton in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries spearheaded the transition to modern forms of school organization and buildings.
    • It's been just under two weeks - today is January the fifteenth.
    • This elite had no formal place in the fifteenth century constitutions and was therefore not subject to direct control.
    • Of all the major versions of humanism, the Renaissance humanism that developed in Italy during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries has been the most influential.


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    en decimoquinto lugar
    see also fifth


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    quinceavo masculine
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    quinceava parte feminine