Translation of fight in Spanish:


luchar, v.

Pronunciation: /faɪt//fʌɪt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (army/country) luchar
    (army/country) combatir
    (person) pelear
    (person) luchar
    (animal) luchar
    (policy/for aim) luchar por conseguir / lograr algo
    he fought in the First World War combatió / luchó en la primera guerra mundial
    • to fight to the death pelear / luchar a muerte
    • to fight against sb luchar (/ combatir etc. ) contra algn
    • to fight against sth luchar contra algo
    • to fight for sb/sth luchar por algn/algo
    • he fights for a living se gana la vida boxeando
    • she was fighting for her life se debatía entre la vida y la muerte
    • he had to fight for breath le costaba muchísimo respirar
    • to go down fighting morir con las botas puestas
    • to fight shy of sth/ -ing
    • he tends to fight shy of emotional commitments tiende a eludir / evitar los compromisos afectivos
    • he always fights shy of meeting the press siempre procura esquivar / eludir a los periodistas
    • It is a contest being fought by e-mail, direct mail and telephone, alongside the traditional door knock.
    • The pundits tell us that this entire election was fought over a difference of opinion about how to spend 2% of our GDP.
    • For a prime minister who fought the election on improving public services, such increases look like thoughtless and tactless extravagance.
    • With their customary bravery, most Japanese soldiers fought to the death.
    • Roy spent five years in German prison camps after he was captured while fighting against the Nazis in Norway.
    • A study found that girls as young as 13 are smoking, swearing, fighting, drinking and disrupting lessons in ever higher numbers.
    • They know that these wars were not fought primarily for their rights.
    • Her personal bodyguards fought valiantly to keep by her side.
    • A division's ability to fight is based on its ability to sustain and replenish itself.
    • A bloody battle fought bravely to the end.
    • Way back in the last century in rural areas elections were fought and won at the church gates and also in the local towns.
    • Students were fighting and overturning desks and the teacher was shouting, ‘they're animals.’
    • If your conscience won't allow you to fight for your country you can now apply for permission not to perform military or combatant duties.
    • Labour candidates fought the election in Whitworth on that issue.
    • He returns to battle and fights, pushing ever closer to the walls of the city.
    • The Senator has even disregarded the contributions of those who are fighting for their freedom.
    • With the news that Australia's leading wicket taker Shane Warne will be fit for the match, the game promises to be an evenly fought contest.
    • Within five minutes of the sentencing, court spectators jumped the railing, fought with officials and seized the defendant.
    • But twelve years ago an election was fought on it.
    • This is particularly true here, where elections are mostly fought on race, not ideas.
    • The attitude betrays a contempt for the very system people in the party believed in and thought they fought an election for.
    • Two team members charged into the stands and fought with fans in the final minute of Friday's game.
    • The people of Arnhem yesterday welcomed back the old soldiers who fought so bravely to free them 60 years ago.
    • He came and pushed me against the bar, then he and Joe started fighting again.
    • He fought in France during World War I and studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from 1914 to 1923.
    • The 1914-18 war was mainly fought on battlefields.
    • Never mind the billions of innocent civilians there, or the brave warriors fighting to defend them.
    • Many former Nazis fought elections under the banner of the National Democratic Party with limited success.
    • If the election is fought on domestic issues, the incumbent will probably lose.
    • The rebels fought hard to retake a former stronghold.
    • He fought that election against all the odds and was within a half percent of pulling off a spectacular victory.
    • People come and go, epochs change, battles are fought, wars won and lost, but India exists.
    • Needless to say, I struggled and fought like hell the whole damn way.
    • It was the most keenly fought election in American history and one that went truly global.
    • A close contest was fought with the American Lisa Raymond on Court 18.
    • We were always fighting with the other guys.
    • These elections were fought and ultimately decided on local issues, but the national picture is much the same.
    • Usually the insurgents fight to the death, if you will.
    • You know the villagers, they'll stay here and fight to the end.
    • The parties have fought this election by issuing dire warnings, squabbling about details and calling each other names.
    • This was a keenly fought contest between two evenly matched teams.
    • For 30 years now, guerrillas have been fighting for independence for the people of the islands.
    • It will be one of the most tightly fought political contests in North Kerry since the May general election but this time it s not about votes but appetite.
    • The Lords' veto on the budget was overturned, and Asquith fought an election on this very issue, establishing the primacy of the elected Commons over the unelected Lords.
    • One or more of them declaring their candidature would really add spice to what is already promising to be a fascinating and very hard fought electoral contest.
    • Most experts agree that a person attacked by a cougar should fight like hell.
    • The police were called by the bus driver after two pupils began fighting as the bus was travelling through town.
  • 2

    to fight over / about sth pelearse por algo
    • Does your child hear you talking about troubles at work or fighting with your spouse about financial matters?
    • They have been fighting over custody issues for an epic two years.
    • We have been very careful not to shout or fight around the kids but they are still suffering.
    • George I and his son shared a deep mutual dislike for each other, were political opposites, and fought constantly.
    • Now they are fighting over who should be in charge and who doesn't deserve to be.
  • 3fighting pres p

    (units/troops) de combate
    2,000 fighting men were sent to the front enviaron 2.000 combatientes / soldados al frente
    • He fights his vessel well.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (country/army) luchar contra
    (country/army) combatir contra
    if you want it, you'll have to fight me for it si lo quieres vas a tener que vértelas conmigo
    • (in boxing) Frazier fought Ali for the world title Frazier peleó contra Ali / se enfrentó a Ali por el título mundial
    • to fight one's way abrirse camino / paso a la fuerza
    • I had to fight my way into the hall tuve que abrirme camino / paso a la fuerza para entrar en la sala
  • 2

    (disease/fire) combatir
    (proposal/measure) combatir
    (measure/proposal) oponerse a
    (measure/proposal) luchar contra
    I want to go so don't fight me on this quiero ir, así que no te me opongas
    • we'll fight them all the way no les vamos a dar cuartel
  • 3

    (wage, conduct)
    to fight a duel batirse en / a duelo
    • to fight a battle librar una batalla
    • they fought a long war against the rebels lucharon contra los rebeldes / combatieron a los rebeldes durante largo tiempo
  • 4

    (election) presentarse a
    we intend to fight the case pensamos llevar el caso a los tribunales (/ defendernos etc. )
    • to fight a seat presentarse como candidato para conseguir un escaño


  • 1

    (between persons)
    pelea feminine
    (brawl) pelea feminine
    (brawl) riña feminine
    (between armies, companies) lucha feminine
    (between armies, companies) contienda feminine
    to put up a good fight ofrecer / oponer resistencia
    • if you want a fight then I'm ready si quieres pelea / si quieres pelear, aquí estoy
    • I'll give him a fight if he wants one le voy a hacer frente si me provoca
    • they're looking for a fight están buscando camorra / bronca
    • in a fair fight en buena lid
  • 2

    (boxing match)
    pelea feminine
    combate masculine
  • 3

    lucha feminine
    the fight against poverty/for freedom la lucha contra la pobreza/por la libertad
    • the fight to survive la lucha por la supervivencia / para sobrevivir
  • 4

    pelea feminine
    pleito masculine Mexico
    to pick a fight with sb meterse con algn informal
  • 5

    (fighting spirit)
    espíritu de lucha masculine
    combatividad feminine
    he was still full of fight aún seguía con ganas de pelear
    • there's no fight left in him no le quedan ánimos para luchar