Translation of fighting talk in Spanish:

fighting talk



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    that's fighting talk! ¡así se habla!
    • There was fighting talk.
    • Maybe Hood's just looking for attention, and once that attention is achieved, he suddenly loses his fighting talk.
    • He seemed to be about to back up those fighting words with something more substantial when he won the first race of the season.
    • And it seems as if Dominique has already mastered the fighting talk.
    • Those were fighting words for councillor Stu Kennedy, who refused to compromise the bypass road.
    • Such thinking only provokes more fighting talk.
    • ‘We're in mourning - leave us alone,’ he begged, before finding his voice and a vocabulary of fighting words.
    • This is fighting talk by a man who has come to appreciate that he speaks from a position of power.
    • Still to come, it's a war of words and the Democrats are studying those fighting words.
    • Such fighting talk has earned the father-of-two, who has set up home in Harrogate, the nickname of ‘The Bulldozer’ from certain sections of his workforce.
    • This, as they say, is fighting talk and the problem is now so grave as to demand such fighting talk from the outset of his new ministry.
    • That amounts to fighting words in a business devoted to selling kids image over substance.
    • I mentioned a need for more accommodation towards asylum seekers - fighting words in KKK country.
    • But despite the fighting talk, he admitted the Lib Dems could have done better after failing to make a much hoped-for election breakthrough in terms of Parliamentary seats.
    • Mr McDonagh has heard such fighting talk before, but this time thinks something will happen.
    • Translation: This six-letter word is fighting talk.
    • You want to know what fighting words sound like.
    • Those are fighting words in the staid business of reinsurance.
    • But his fighting talk: ‘Any company that wants to have a good reputation in Scotland as long as I'm First Minister should be taking that into account,’ fell on deaf ears.
    • These are fighting words for a man whose earlier work seems a long, quiet morning of congenial thought.
    • Besides, Paterson is in too hospitable a mood for fighting talk.