Translation of figurative in Spanish:


figurado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfɪɡjərədɪv//ˈfɪɡ(ə)rətɪv/


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    (not literal)
    (meaning/language) figurado
    (meaning/language) metafórico
    • But I just think that figurative usages don't in fact help richness and vibrancy much.
    • Using it is too much of a literal and figurative headache, and if you get sloppy there's always the danger of nasty results.
    • All these restrictions suggest that the country's newfound "sovereign "status is more figurative than literal.
    • The art of urban wall painting is a way of reclaiming lost territory - in both a literal and a figurative sense.
    • Teens comprehend abstract language, such as idioms, figurative language, and metaphors.
    • Although told that such usage might be metaphorical or figurative, Tess is undeterred.
    • For example, is the term metaphor itself literal or figurative?
    • In consequence he thinks that excessive caution has characterized instruction in figurative language.
    • Nonetheless, I think that even Philippe's examples expose some risks of figurative usage.
    • A figurative remark takes on literal construction, a metaphor is concretized in fact.
    • The irony is that in the subsequent stories, so many are living in darkness, both figurative and literal.
    • It would make his move towards a criticism of absolute time both figurative and literal.
    • He loves figurative language, and uses it when describing these relationships, perhaps as a sort of avoidance.
    • They go there in search of excitement and electricity - in both a figurative and a literal sense.
    • The downstream effect in this case is both literal and figurative.
    • Plenty of people are "married to their jobs" in a figurative sense.
    • He was a figure who, in a sense both literal and figurative, dwelt on the fringes.
    • This second edition is not light reading, neither in the figurative or literal sense.
    • Particularly when used in a figurative sense to refer to having heard something unpleasant.
    • There is no irreducible core of 'literal' language from which 'figurative usage' diverges.
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    (sculpture/painting) figurativo
    • His powerful figurative work has made him one of the foremost British artists of his generation.
    • On the contrary at any given point of time an abstract artist could do figurative work.
    • He was still a figurative painter; he would not make the full leap into abstraction for almost another decade.
    • In his figurative works he let the figure bulge out of anatomical specifications and proportions.
    • The city of New York has been an inspiration for figurative painter Hector McDonnell.
    • Born in Spain, she has become a top figurative artist who interprets the everyday world of Spanish women.
    • The standard was derived from the smaller figurative works on some of the larger paintings and then we kept to that.
    • Freud is better known as a figurative painter but his early paintings, often linear in character, owe much to his graphic work.
    • Duncan creates elegant female forms and her work is figurative, though not representational.
    • But there is a tendency toward abstraction even in figurative painters here.
    • Originally from Brisbane, Australia, Mark, is a figurative sculptor working in bronze.
    • When I was there they were very much into minimalism, and they felt that figurative work was illustration, not art.
    • The bust was sculpted by internationally-renowned figurative artist Ian Walters.
    • The son of a milkman, his grandmother provided early inspiration, a figurative painter who copied the likes of Turner.
    • Currently, she lives in Seattle, Washington where she works as a figurative artist and writer.
    • A figurative painter throughout his career, Beckmann depicted the world around him with an unparalleled intensity.
    • As well as figurative work, Mary works on the landscape.
    • This balance results in figurative works that communicate in a surprisingly forthright yet nuanced manner.
    • Even so, the signature styles of the figurative work are very much in evidence.
    • The subject of her work is mostly figurative in nature and is often that of people, especially children, she has encountered in her travels.